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Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) are one of the most popular genres of video games, with many new JRPG titles released every year. Some of the most popular game franchises are JRPGs such as Final fantasy and Dragon Quest. With the market constantly flooded with new JRPGs, many games of this genre are eclipsed. So, most players don’t even know they exist.

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While some unfamiliar JRPGs might be worth wasting time, there are also some great JRPGs that are grossly underrated and underrated. These particular titles deserve more recognition.


Warriors fight on a lush green battlefield in Ys: SEVEN.

Starting with the exit of Ys I: the old Ys has disappeared for the NEC PC-8801 in 1987, the Yes is an incredible action RPG franchise that is still running to this day. The latest entry in the series, Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, released in 2019, and the franchise has always been extremely popular in Japan. However, the series has never had the same foothold outside of Japan, even though there is a relatively large international cult.

While all of the games follow different storylines and characters, they are generally all centered around the journeys of a young hero named Adol Christin and, later, his recurring comrade Dogi. Despite its relative obscurity, the series has plenty of gameplay mechanics, such as health regeneration, that have impacted many popular franchises. One of the franchise’s most iconic titles, Yes: SEVEN, was also one of the best games on PSP.

Jeanne D’Arc

A screenshot of Joan of Arc gameplay.

Although this is the first title from Japanese studio Level-5 for the PSP and released relatively early in the PSP lifecycle, Jeanne D’Arc is one of the best PSP games ever. Released in 2006, Jeanne D’Arc is a tactical RPG like the Fire emblem series that reinvents the story of Joan of Arc and her battles during the Hundred Years War as a battle against demons.

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While the game is highly regarded and favorably rated, it has mostly been forgotten over the years. With an interesting plot and fun gameplay, this game is a must-have for RPG fans who want to try something unique on the PSP.

The 7th saga

Logo and box illustration for The 7th Saga on SNES.

With a strong cult that has continued to this day, The 7th saga is a turn-based RPG from 1993 that could be considered one of the best games in the SNES. In this game, the player controls one of the seven possible characters who are sent on a journey by King Lemele to find the seven magic runes.

While the game is extremely difficult, and there are some aspects of its design that haven’t aged well, The 7th saga has a lot of unique aspects that are worth it. The world is large and detailed, and there is a radar system that allows players to see random encounters. Additionally, the other characters that the player has not chosen are trying to complete the challenge on their own, and the player may need to team up with them or even fight them.

The last story

Zael faces Cocoon with the sword drawn in The Last Story.

Released near the end of the Wii lifecycle, The last story was missed by most gamers upgrading to newer consoles despite being perhaps some of the best games on the Wii. This 2011 stealth tactical action RPG was developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original creator of the Final fantasy franchise, and follows a young man named Zael who works with a group of mercenaries on the Isle of Lazulis and gets a mysterious mark on his hand that grants him special powers.

While the narrative sounds like a typical cheesy JRPG plot, it surprisingly has a strong storyline with lifelike characters that make it hard to let go of the game. Additionally, the gameplay is unique as the player can use anything in it. environment to fight enemies, which leads to fun strategy and stealth mechanics.

Avalon Code

The characters smile and hold their hands on a book floating in Avalon Code.

While most RPGs focus on stopping the apocalypse, the 2008 action RPG Avalon Code breaks the mold by making the main character participate in a “real” end of the world. When the player starts the game, they are immediately told that the world will end soon and that they must use a special book known as the Book of Prophecy to record everything so that it can be transferred to the new world. .

The game is important for having the ability to affect everything in the world by changing its “code” in the Book of Prophecy on the lower DS screen, as well as for giving player characters a wide choice of romance options. Without the repetitive gameplay, this game would be one of the best games on Nintendo DS.

Radiata stories

Jack, Ganz, and Ridley stand side by side in Raidata Stories.

As there were a lot of iconic titles from series such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts released at that time, the 2005 PS2 action RPG Radiata stories was lost among the rest. The game follows Jack Russell, a goofy teenager who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a knight.

Unlike most RPGs, there are 176 different NPCs the player can recruit, and Jack can cast almost anything in the game. Additionally, all NPCs have their own daily schedules and the story is much darker than that. it does not appear initially.

Arcadian Skies

Skies of Arcadia character illustrations.

Although it is one of the best games of the Dreamcast, the RPG 2000 Arcadian Skies is a title often forgotten, even among Dreamcast lists. The game follows a 17-year-old hijacker named Vyse who saves a young woman named Fina who searches for the moon crystals in order to stop the evil empire.

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Although the scenario is quite typical of JRPGs, it is in the gameplay that this title shines since the player will be able to explore a vast detailed world using his airship. The characters also have all their charms and the soundtrack is breathtaking.

Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia

If gamers want a unique combat system they won’t find anywhere else, the 1998 turn-based RPG Legend of Legaia is a perfect option. The story revolves around three heroes who must save the world from biomechanics called Serus who have gone mad due to an evil mist.

With the PS2 sequel from 2001 Legaia 2: Duel Saga, these games are the only ones that use a combat system where the player enters unique commands to perform different moves in turn-based combat. This leads to an almost fighting-game style of battle in an RPG, which makes up for the unoriginal storyline.

Shadow hearts

Yuri wears Alice in Shadow Hearts.

As one of the few survival horror JRPGs, the Shadow hearts is a unique Gothic-style series that has unfortunately been largely forgotten. While each of the games takes place in the same universe with recurring characters and similar thematic elements such as cosmic horror, all of the games tend to focus on a slightly different cast and a different plot.

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This tetralogy is unique to have resident Evil style settings, puzzles, and enemies while being a turn-based RPG. Additionally, combat is different from most games as the player’s attacks are based on whether or not they hit the right places on the “Judgment Ring”.

Wild weapons

One year before Final Fantasy VII debuted on PlayStation, the first spaghetti-western-style installment Wild weapons the franchise had already been released on console. This 1996 RPG would lead to an ongoing franchise that has achieved some success in Japan but has remained relatively unknown internationally.

Each of the games takes place on a planet known as Filgaia, which is a fantasy world that mixes medieval Europe with technology from the early 1800s. Advanced guns and firearms weapons, called “ARM”, form an important part of the plot and gameplay.

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