10 great horror games you can play on Xbox X/S right now

A lot of players like to be scared. There’s nothing like being transported to the center of a horror movie where every decision a player makes can impact the outcome, including whether they make it out alive.

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The horror genre has been around for decades, originating in the 80s with games like Nostromo and Haunted house. Since then, it’s exploded, even leading into massive subgenres like survival horror, slasher, psychological horror, and more. And thanks to Xbox‘s vast library of new and classic games, players can experience a wide range of horror titles.


prey (2017)

An alien Typhon begins to change shape in "Prey"

2017 Prey was described as a “reimagining” of the original 2006 game, keeping the overall vibe while creating a completely new story and setting. In the 2017 game, an orbiting research station has been built to study a superhuman alien species known as Typhoons, who can shape-shift and mimic their surroundings. After an alien escapes, it’s up to players to hunt him down and stay alive.

PreyThe mix of sci-fi and horror elements produces gameplay that’s faster than most horror games, but it’s still loaded with eerie moments and excellent jump scares.

Mugwort (2019)

A chapel sits in the middle of an open field where the fictional cult

Inspired by true cult suicides like Heaven’s Gate and Jonestown, mugwort transports players to New Mexico, where they take on the role of an investigator looking to find out why the Perfect Heaven cult recently died. Filled with an overwhelming sense of sadness and despair, the game is terrifying in that it forces players to consider the terror of the human psyche and how, in the right scenario, people can come together and encourage each other to do unbearably horrible things. .

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mugwort is a disturbing yet powerful look at mass hysteria that leaves players with an unsettling feeling that will linger long after the game is over.

SOMA (2015)

An AI lifeform approaches a character in SOMA's underwater hell

In SOMAplayers take control of a protagonist who wakes up in an underwater facility, surrounded by robotic lifeforms into which the personalities of real humans have been inserted.

Many gamers say the game looked like it was inspired by BioShock and Amnesia (which was made by the same studio). Upon release, SOMA received positive reviews, with many praising its unsettling plot and tense gameplay that required players to rely on flying techniques, leading to a sense of endless suspense.

Five Nights at Freddy’s (2014)

Security camera captures lingering animatronic in Five Nights at Freddys

Originally published in 2014, Five nights at Freddy’s (Often abbreviated by fans as FNAF) was developed by a single developer – Scott Cawthon. The game was originally inspired by the bad reviews it received for its previous game, Chipper & Sons Lumber Co.with critics calling its characters robotic and creepy.

Cawthron decided to amp up these creepy, robotic characters in Five nights at Freddy’sputting the players in control of a security guard for a pizzeria looking like Chuck E. Cheese… where the robot entertainers come to life every night. FNAF is loaded with scary jumps and perfectly combines humor with horror. The game was so popular that it has since spawned eight sequels and counting.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019)

Leon Kennedy is hunted down by one of the infected in Resident Evil 2

In 2019, Resident Evil 2 received a massive remake, featuring improved graphics, improved sound, new camera modes, and more. The result was a game that looked even scarier than the original.

The story follows resident Evil favorites Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy as they embark on separate storylines to escape Racoon City after the T-Virus has infected much of the population. It was met with universal praise upon its release, and it was recently announced by IGN that the Resident Evil 2 remake will receive an X/S optimization later this year.

Dead Space (2008)

Isaac Clarke Gets Pounded By One Of Dead Space's Necromorph Aliens

Heavily inspired by the movie Event horizon2008 dead space center around the mining ship ishimura, who came across a hazardous material on an alien planet. The crew begins to suffer extreme hallucinations, followed by the presence of an alien species known as necromorphs, which kills the crew one by one.

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In the game, it’s up to players to search the ship for survivors and battle aliens without succumbing to their own hallucinations. dead space is horrifying, suspenseful, and has been praised by critics and gamers alike for its excellent combination of adventure and survival horror. dead space stands as a phenomenal game so far and a reboot is expected in the next few years.

Face (2020)

An unknown spirit lurks in the hallways of a haunted house in Visage

In Face, players wake up as Dwayne Anderson…a man who has just committed familicide, shooting all of his family members, including himself. However, despite his heinous actions and death, he suddenly wakes up. Now locked in the house and seeing strange visions, it’s unclear if Dwayne is locked up in purgatory or trapped in hell.

He’s forced to live the tormented life of the house’s former residents, and questions begin to arise: Is Dwayne a monster, or just a victim of the house, like so many others who lived there before him? Sometimes the game is disturbing, sadistic and scary. But for those who love a gripping story, this is a must-play game.

The Evil Within 2 (2017)

The Guardian in The Evil Within 2 walks in his butcher's apron with a mallet

2014 The Evil Within was met with somewhat mixed reviews, with many praising the game’s survival horror aspect but criticizing its somewhat outdated enemies and unpolished look. Its 2017 sequel, The Evil Within 2, fixed many of these complaints, creating a much better (and scarier) gaming experience. In the game, Sebastian Castellanos learns that his daughter is being held hostage and is being used as the host mastermind for a virtual utopia called Union.

However, Union has gone mad and is now filled with murder and monsters. It’s up to Sebastian to save his daughter and stay alive in the dystopian nightmare that Union has become.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard (2017)

A hero shot of the creepy dilapidated platform where Resident Evil 7 takes place

Located in a ramshackle plantation in Louisiana, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is considered one of the scariest entries in the franchise. Played from a first-person perspective, Ethan Winters searches for his missing wife, only to find she’s been kidnapped by a dangerous, mutated family who seem straight out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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The feeling of being trapped in the middle of nowhere helps make every moment Biological hazard feel particularly spooky, and the game’s southern gothic roots have created one of the best settings of all resident Evil Game.

Alien: Isolation (2014)

The xenomorph hides in a hallway of Sevastopol station in Alien Isolation

Considered by many to be one of the scariest games they’ve ever played, Alien: Isolation is a masterpiece of suspense and horror. In the game, players take control of Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, who becomes trapped on the Sevastopol space station. There, a terrifying xenomorph is on the loose, sending the station into a spiral of fear, mistrust, and warring factions.

The game brilliantly combines elements of stealth, survival horror, and first-person shooters to create a truly unique – and undeniably terrifying – gaming experience.

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