10 PS4 games with free PS5 upgrades

The Playstation 4 had one of the most satisfying and important libraries available. It makes sense for Sony to capitalize on these top titles through PS5 upgrades. The PS5 is known to be a graphics powerhouse with its Zen 2 processor and gargantuan 8 cores at 3.5 GHz and 10.28 teraflops.

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Sony’s PS5 hardware (hard to pick up) brings your favorite PS4 games to this console, but fully optimizing them through free upgrades can help everyone enjoy their favorite games even more. Whether it’s frame rate increases or other improvements, these PS5 upgrades can deliver new experiences with the games you already love.

No Man’s Sky: Explore the Next Generation Universe

No Man's Sky Explorer Sitting In Field Watching The Sunset

Despite a hectic start, Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky lived up to the space adventurer’s feverish dream. Originally released in 2016, No Man’s Sky saw various updates that added vehicles, better procedural beasts, and even multiplayer to the game. It really became the outer space sandbox that it did. was meant to be.

Playstation 5 users who already own a Playstation 4 copy of No Man’s Sky can travel to space on their new hardware at no additional cost. If you haven’t yet dived into the procedural world of Hello Games (or maybe you have), now is the time for PS5 owners to take the plunge.

Yakuza: Like a dragon: prove yourself

Yakuza Ichiban with a bear trainer afraid of the bear

SEGA’s Yakuza franchise has succeeded in bringing Tokyo’s underside to global audiences. With Yakuza: Like A Dragon available as a free upgrade on PS5, you can run in the shoes of a new protagonist: Ichiban Kasuga, the man with the Dragonfish tattoo.

After downloading the upgrade, you can enjoy enhanced visuals as you defeat rival gangs on the streets of Yokohama. Using the PS5’s super-fast SSD, loading into new environments only takes seconds, which means you’ll have more time to throw hands or play slots and pachinko.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. A new generation experience to see

The Witcher 3: Geralt of Rivia fighting Gryphon in the field

CD Project Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, winner of over 800 awards, has a free PS5 upgrade coming in 2021. Not only will you hunt ghouls as Geralt of Rivia via the power of the PS5, but CD Project Red uses this power by improving the graphics of The Witcher 3.

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Not only will you enjoy better visuals, but CDPR has announced that the upgrade will come with downloadable content “inspired by” The Witcher Netflix series. Fingers crossed to have a sort of Henry Cavil in a tub-related content.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: an essential material for your PS5

Final Fantasy 7 Aerith in combat casting spell

Square-Enix’s glorious Final Fantasy 7 Remake, labeled “Intergrade” introduces an upgraded version of FF7 PS5 that can only be played on the PS5. To summon this upgrade beast, FFVII Remake owners can grab their copy by downloading it from the Playstation Store.

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After the upgrade starts, you can expect your eyes to be blessed with improved visuals and load times. Using the PS5 version also gives you special access to the INTERmission episode: an original slice of added content starring Yuffie Kisaragi, the cunning ninja.

Doom Eternal: Savagery 4K

Doom Eternal Fighting Horde of Demons with Rifle Shooting

If you’d rather crack demon skulls, be sure to grab your free Bethesda’s Doom Eternal upgrade for PS5. Just be sure to wash your hands of the encrusted blood before picking up the controller.

This PS5 upgrade lets you play in 4K quality with 60 FPS quality. Doomguys beware, campaign save data for PS4 version cannot be transferred to PS5 version. The choice is yours: trade 4k mayhem for your past progress. More bloody pixels than pixelated blood seems like a great choice.

Cyberpunk 2077: A Rewired Upgrade

Cyberpunk 2077 Fighting Grunt and Pooting Dead In Night City Rooftop

CD Project Red has been very busy on Cyberpunk 2077, not least due to the game’s notoriously glitchy release. But if you’re still in love with Night City despite the rough launch, the free PS5 upgrade for this game will allow you to stroll through neon-colored cityscapes.

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The CDPR said the next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 is currently slated for launch in the latter part of 2021. With Cyberpunk 2077’s issues as the days go by, the PS5 upgrade may have the potential to be the best version.

Dead by Daylight: feel the haptic heartbeat

Dead By Deadlight Survivor looking through inventory

Run as fast as you can, but you can’t get past Behavior Interactive’s free PS5 Dead By Daylight upgrade. The next-gen multiplayer horror genre wouldn’t be complete without letting gamers run for their lives, the haptic heartbeats of the PlayStation 5 controller and all.

Downloading the PS5 version gives you improved visuals and access to your previous save data. You are going to be running a lot in this game, so it is only natural that you can bring your past game progress with you as well. Fortunately, this PS5 update lets you do just that.

Resident Evil Village: Lady Dimitrescu awaits you in 4K

Resident Evil Villate Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters with Ethan

Fortunately, all you have to do with your hands is wrap them around a PS5 controller to download Capcom’s Resident Evil Village for PS5. The same can’t be said of poor something-always-sharp-and-cutting-my-hands Ethan Winters.

Not only do you have the privilege of running away in utter fear of Lady Dimitrescu, before defeating her in battle, but you can do so with ray tracing, adaptive triggers, and minimal load times. Additionally, Resident Evil Village will support 3D audio featured on the PS5. All the better to hear the noises of scratching and cutting, of course.

For Honor: Fighting the opposition

For Honor Samurai sitting in the swamp and looking at the temple in the jungle

Fighting Vikings and Samurai doesn’t get old. For this reason, Ubisoft’s For Honor in full 4k and 60 FPS should appeal to any fan. On previous generation consoles, For Honor typically produced 30 fps gameplay.

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Now that the PS5 upgrade and the long-awaited 2.24.0 update are up for grabs, you’ll be driving swords in shields with glorious goodness at 60 fps. Not only does their game performance increase, but textures and environments also receive visual adjustments through more pronounced reflections in water and shadows.

The Last of Us Part 2: An infectious reason to review on PS5

The Last Of Us 2 Ellie with gun and clicker enemies in the field

One of the most anticipated releases in Playstation history, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 received a PS5 patch upgrade allowing the game to produce 60fps gameplay – yes, it’s ready to go. be downloaded now!

While an official announcement for a fully reworked PS5 upgrade has yet to be revealed, it’s hard to imagine Naughty Dog jumping to bring a fully optimized PS5 version of The Last of Us Part 2. scarier than being chased by a Rat King 4k 60 FPS in full juggernaut mode?

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