$ 13.4 million Yu-Gi-Oh! card auction suspended by the authorities

Children of the mid-2000s mistakenly play with Yu-Gi-Oh!  cards instead of using them for their real purpose: financial speculation.

Children of the mid-2000s mistakenly play with Yu Gi Oh ! cards instead of using them for their real purpose: financial speculation.
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Over the past few months we’ve covered stories on Pokemon cards to be bought for ridiculous sums, leading collectors and speculators to behave so wildly that places like Target had to stop selling the game for fear that people will be murdered in pursuit of pieces of paper with cartoon creatures printed on it. Somehow, even Pokémon parking lot brawls are now pale compared to the history of a recent Yu Gi Oh ! auction of cards from the estate of a convicted embezzler that had to be suspended by Chinese authorities after the auction reached 87 million yuan or US $ 13.4 million.

the South China Morning Post reports that the Yu Gi Oh ! the card in question was a rare “White dragon with blue eyes” which, despite its honestly some sort of seedy illustration of a boring-looking monster, is priced between $ 31 and $ 46,000 USD. The value is so high because IThis is a limited series of only 500 units. When it was listed for sale in an online auction held last Monday, the auction reached $ 13.4 million in half an hour – a figure high enough that a court in Chuzhou, China, has stopped everything, citing activity that “is seriously incompatible with the reality of the price of the offer. Authorities also said that “Malicious behaviorr is suspected. Before that reached this point, 18,000 people participated at auction while 2 million others watched it unfold.

Part of the problem is that the card previously belonged to a man named Zhang Yujie, who was “sentenced to life in prison in 2020 after being convicted of embezzling nearly 70 million yuan (10.8 million yuan). dollars) from a government fund under his management. “The next day, another item in Yujie’s ownership, a USB flash drive, skyrocketed to $ 77,000 based on” rumors propagated that the reader contained crucial information about some Bitcoins that Zhang owned. This the auction also had to be suspended.

Yet Zhang apparently also owned “a PlayStation 4 adorned with gold and diamonds”, so for anyone else interested in trying to buy something that is clearly cooler than a rare Yu Gi Oh ! card, there is still hope. At least until we hear rumors that Zhang had a priceless ancient artifact smuggled into his case, and the deals run into the millions for this one as well.


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