A Twitter account is all you need for PS5 UK stock updates

The PlayStation 5 is still very hard to find, with the stock selling out immediately whenever it’s available, but a Twitter account could help.

Sony’s new console, the Playstation 5 is still notoriously hard to buy, but Twitter might just be the best weapon for potential customers. The demand is so high that whenever new stock is available at a retailer, each unit sells out almost immediately. Combine the high demand and limited supply with for-profit PS5 scalpers, and many have tried to buy the new console since its initial release last November. Luckily for PlayStation fans in the UK, signing up for a Twitter account can make the frustrating process of landing a PS5 a little easier.

There are many dedicated online resources to help consumers find stock in stock, but Twitter has become a convenient and easy way to find consoles. There are many accounts dedicated to the PlayStation fandom and the PS5 in particular, but tracking specific accounts and enabling notifications can help make the approach a little easier than other methods of purchasing a PS5. Some accounts are particularly successful in keeping their subscribers up to date with the current stock status of PlayStation 5 in the UK.

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PS5 UK stock is one of those verified accounts that provides very comprehensive updates on the availability of the latest hardware from Sony. The PS5 Stock UK Twitter account is associated with the Stock Checker website, which is an affiliate of Amazon, which means that some purchases may generate profit for the tracking site. Several times a day, PS5 Stock UK will tweet an update on the soon-to-be-released PS5 stock from retailers. If something does happen and a PS5 shipment is delayed – or if they’re restricted to specific customers, such as PlayStation 5 pre-orders – a tweet is posted for that as well.

How to use Twitter to get a PlayStation 5

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Twitter can be accessed from any web browser, but downloading the Twitter app and creating an account can be the easiest route for those not yet on Twitter. Accounts are free and a simple search on “PS5 Stock UK” brings up the aforementioned account as the first result. The best way to ensure that a restock isn’t missed will be to track PS5 Stock UK (or any similar account that focuses on PS5 restockings) and set up notifications so that no tweet are missed.

Once the “To pursue“has been pressed, a small button will appear that looks like an alarm bell. Clicking this button will allow users to enable notifications for all tweets in an account, sending them directly to a smartphone as a notification push. This is all for the sake of convenience, and while it will result in a flood of notifications from Twitter every day, especially if one is following more than a handful of stock notification accounts, this can be the case. one of the easiest ways to secure a Playstation 5 while the stock remains limited.

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