Alzprotect strengthens its Board of Directors with the arrival of Dr John Tchelingerian

ALZPROTECT has announced that Dr John Tchelingerian has joined the Alzprotect Board of Directors.

John’s profile and experience are valuable assets to strengthen our board of directors on the eve of a strategic inflection point and a ramp-up in the development of Ezeprogind / AZP2006 ”

– Phil Verwaerde, CEO,

LOOS, HAUTS DE FRANCE, FRANCE, June 22, 2021 / – ALZPROTECT, a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, has announced that Dr. John Tchelingerian has joined the board of directors of Alzprotect. Alzprotect is financed by the Xerys Funds

Dr John Tchelingerian is a serial entrepreneur in the field of life sciences. As an industry veteran, he has co-founded and / or led several biotech companies as CEO or CEO. He has raised a total of more than 200 million euros in funding during his career and has succeeded with his teams in bringing five drug candidates from research to clinics (up to phase IIb / III) and achieved several international pharmaceutical partnerships and mergers and acquisitions agreements. He is currently managing partner and co-founder of two specialized strategic consulting firms, The Connecting Architects and Silver Ocean Ventures and chairman of the supervisory board of Pan-Cancer T. He holds a doctorate in Neurosciences from Pierre University. and Marie Curie in Paris.
Dr John Tchelingerian commented: “I am delighted to join the Alzprotect Board of Directors as a director to contribute to the growth and success of the company. The company has made remarkable progress since I first met Philippe and his team a few years ago. I am convinced that Alzprotect will be a game-changer in the area of ​​PSP with its drug candidate AZP-2006, currently in phase 2a clinical trials in Europe. “
Dr Philippe Verwaerde, Chairman of Alzprotect, said: “John’s profile and experience are invaluable assets to strengthen our board of directors on the eve of a strategic inflection point and a ramp-up. of the development of Ezeprogind / AZP2006 ”

About Alzprotect
Alzprotect imagines and develops therapeutic solutions to slow down or stop neurodegenerative diseases and restore the brain capacities of patients. Founded in 2007, Alzprotect is a French company from Lille created by Dr André Delacourte, one of the pioneers of research on Alzheimer’s disease, and Dr Patricia Melnyk, expert in medicinal chemistry, in collaboration with the University of Lille and Inserm. The company employs 8 people and is supported by BPI France, the National Research Agency and Eurasanté. Alzprotect is committed to the development of innovative therapeutic solutions in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. Alzprotect holds rights to 6 families of international patents covering the drugs it develops and their indications around the world. Alzprotect has been supported by XERYS funds since December 2017. For more information: – LinkedIn page – corporate video – Ezeprogind MOA video

About Xerys Gestion
Xerys Gestion is a French investment company mainly positioned in growth sectors such as health and life sciences, renewable energies / GreenTech and new digital technologies. As such, Xerys Gestion supports companies in rapidly changing sectors to meet economic, environmental and societal challenges which have great ambitions for growth and internationalization. In its market, Xerys Gestion stands out as much for its operating method and the strategic and operational support it provides to portfolio companies, as for the range of à la carte investment opportunities offered to investors and the close relations of the company with them, or its sector-based approach. Finally, Xerys Gestion has considerable sector expertise, reinforced by a strategic committee made up of recognized specialists and experts in key sectors. Xerys Gestion manages more than 200 million euros in assets, with a portfolio of nine participations. For more information : or LinkedIn @Xerys.

Alzprotect is developing a drug candidate, EZEPROGIND, whose mode of action, acting on progranulin secretion, is clearly different from other products developed for 15 years by the pharmaceutical industry. EZEPROGIND, which starts phase 2a trials, is a bioavailable neurotrophic inducer. Unlike most products developed by the competition, EZEPROGIND targets all causes of neurodegeneration and does not only target markers such as the Abeta protein or the Tau protein. EZEPROGIND has obtained “orphan drug” status in Europe (European Medicines Agency) and in the United States (Food and Drug Administration) in the indication of PSP. It has been tested on 88 healthy human subjects in three phase 1 clinical trials and has shown excellent tolerability with no adverse effects.
About neurodegenerative diseases such as PSP and Alzheimer’s disease
PSP is a tauopathy with predominantly accumulation of Tau isoforms with four repeating motifs (4Rs). It is characterized by neurofibrillary degeneration and neuronal loss in the brainstem, basal ganglia, frontal motor, and associative cortex. The disease causes damage to the brainstem that gradually affects balance, vision, mobility, swallowing, and speech. The number of cases of PSP in Europe and the United States is estimated at 30,000 and 25,000 respectively. The average life expectancy of patients with PSP varies from 5 to 7 years.
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia with around 47 million patients worldwide in 2017, a figure expected to rise to 75 million by 2030 or 132 million by 2050, according to the 2017 World Report on Alzheimer’s disease. The pharmacological targets are the Abeta protein, the Tau protein and neuroinflammation.
Dr Philippe Verwaerde
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Philippe verwaerde
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