Ape Escape and 9 other PlayStation franchises that have been discontinued

The video game industry is continually evolving and looking to the future, but there is something to be said for titles that have become franchises and have become staples of major video game companies, like Sony’s PlayStation. Sony entered the hardware industry with its PlayStation later in gaming than Nintendo or Sega, but they’ve built a solid legacy over the past few decades and established their own franchises who are just as famous as Sonic or Mario.

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The future of the PlayStation is full of new intellectual properties as well as returns to acclaimed series, but there are still some franchises that have fell through the cracks with Sony and left fans wondering if they would ever return.

ten Ape Escape is an important part of the early development of the PlayStation

Monkey escape is a fun and colorful series from the original PlayStation generation that gave Sony’s console a decent competitor against Mario. the Monkey escape The series fulfills an important role in the legacy of PlayStation as games have heavily implemented the analog sticks of the PlayStation and helped make it the norm. There is surprisingly deep gameplay hidden within the Monkey escape series, but the final title of the main series was back on PlayStation 2 and since Monkey escape focused more on mini game collection celebrations, but even then the most recent entry, PlayStation Move Ape Escape is over ten years old.

9 Grave ! And its sequel are challenging and colorful 2D side scrolls

The release of the PlayStation saw games move more towards 3D with older and traditional 2D side rollers seen as relics of the past. This means that satisfying and well-designed series like Grave ! remained in the dust as Sony pursued PlayStation titles that further demonstrated the power of hardware. Grave ! and its sequel, Grave ! 2: The return of the evil pig, are powerful platform games with a unique voice and quirky sense of humor, but it has now been over two decades since any Grave ! content. The franchise deserves a comeback, especially with how old-fashioned side rollers have regained popularity in recent years.

8 Parasite Eve could have been Square’s response to Resident Evil

Square has built a legendary reputation as RPG developers, but the PlayStation Parasite watch merges this style of play with the survival horror genre. Aya Brea is a fantastic protagonist and the title’s grim storyline, cinematic scope and Final fantasylevel bosses do it Parasite watch the series stand out immediately.

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The liberation of 3rd anniversary in 2010, more than a decade later Parasite Eve II caught a lot of people by surprise, but the exclusive PSP offer was not enough to revive the ambitious property and Parasite watch the world has been calm since its release.

7 PaRappa the rapper has helped introduce many players to the rhythm genre

Parappa the rapper believes it

Music and rhythm based video games are now one of the most popular and entertaining genres. PaRappa the rapper is making waves due to its unique art style and musical presentation, and its sequel helped kick off the release of the PlayStation 2. PaRappa the rapper has such a legacy that the series launched a spin-off as well as an anime adaptation, but strangely, PlayStation hasn’t done anything with the PaRappa owned for decades. PaRappa would’ve been the perfect franchise to return for the PlayStation 5 launch and it’s unclear if fans will ever get more of this musical bliss.

6 Klonoa is a unique platform protagonist who has never been considered

The 90s were rich in development attempts new platform mascots and Klonoa is one of the best examples that initially hit the PlayStation in 1997. The Klonoa Titles are 2.5D puzzle platformer games that feature beautiful environments and cute characters. Klonoa struggled to find an audience outside of Japan and it had great success on the WonderSwan handheld. There was a Wii remake over a decade ago and even a bizarre beach volleyball spinoff. Despite the character’s appeal and the many opportunities she has been given, it seems like Klonoa the best days have passed him.

5 Jet Moto is a fast reciprocating racer that is a PlayStation Signature series

the video game racing genre is still very popular, but titles have taken more and more of a realistic approach to street racing and there are fewer unconventional racers in the market.

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Originally developed by the team behind the first Twisted metal securities, Jet-motorcycle is a hoverbike racing game that helped define the original PlayStation with three awesome titles. There have been efforts to keep the Jet-motorcycle ongoing series on PlayStation 2, but after their cancellation it’s the end of the future Jet-motorcycle discussion. The market now has more room than ever for a runner like this.

4 The Edgy style of Twisted Metal became one of the first brands of PlayStation, then disappeared

Twisted metal was revolutionary for its time and it challenged typical expectations of the racing genre with a demolition aspect to its gameplay. Twisted metal was such a popular PlayStation staple that there were four games on the original console before Twisted metal: Black became the first PlayStation 2 entry in the series. Subsequently, the request for Twisted metal the series died out considerably with the spinoff from PlayStation Portable and just one reboot of the PlayStation 3 in 2012. However, there is an upcoming one. Twisted metal Netflix series on the road, which is the perfect opportunity to revive this destructive and overblown franchise.

3 MediEvil’s ambitious look and style didn’t help it stay alive

Strong gameplay and storytelling is crucial for any video game, but a unique and memorable artistic design can sometimes be just as important. MediEvil’s The claymation-esque look and creative, dark world instantly makes it different from other action-adventure titles. A direct sequel soon followed in the wake of the original and the PlayStation Portable attempted a reboot with a bang. Certainly there is a PlayStation 4 2019 MediEvil remake, but it works like the show’s swan song rather than a title that takes the forgotten franchise into the next generation of games.

2 Bushido Blade turns action and combat games into a complex experience

action and combat franchises represent some of the most enduring video game series. Bushido Blade was meant to be a revolutionary fighter series for the PlayStation due to its complex gameplay. Bushido blade implements a complex damage system, a multitude of usable weapons and tons of characters. Bushido 2 blade increases the quality and carnage in every way, but it’s the end of the series other than a spiritual successor to the PlayStation 2. Modern gamers are quite smart and sophisticated and they would easily be able to handle the more demanding gameplay than the Bushido blade the series is making its standard.

1 PlayStation shuts down Dino Crisis in favor of zombies

The survival horror genre has never been so popular and it has a lot to do with the Capcom’s enduring popularity Resident Evil. The original mastermind of the series, Shinji Mikami, also developed another PlayStation survival horror series, Dinosaur crisis. Dinosaur crisis is even scarier than resident Evil in some ways, but the franchise never came out on top and gradually shifted to a more action-oriented focus, with the most recent title fully morphing into a shooter. resident Evil remakes are getting amazing in vogue and there are just as many fans who want to see Dinosaur crisis receive the same treatment.

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