Are the days better on PC or PS4

Days Gone is no longer exclusive to Sony platforms, but how does the latest version on PC compare to its original version on PlayStation 4?

Recently, Days gone became the last PlayStation exclusive available on PC. Developed by Bend Studio, Days gone originally released exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro in 2019. The game has since received improved performance when playing thanks to backward compatibility on the PS5, had its Days GonThe sequel has been discontinued and is now playable outside of the PlayStation ecosystem on PC.

The zombie survival game follows biker Deacon St. John as he tries to survive in the Freaker infested Pacific Northwest. The PS4 and PC versions of Days gone are largely the same game. They each have the same amount of content and no drastic changes to the structure or gameplay were made when it was released on PC. however, Days gone on PC is the best version to play. Even on its initial release, Days gone was pushing the limits of PS4 hardware. One of the promotional features of Days gone It was encounters with large hordes of undead, and those sequences were especially taxing on the capabilities of the outdated console.

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The PC version of Days gone performs much better than both on the base PS4, as well as the PS4 Pro, and even outperforms the backward-compatible enhanced PS5 version in smaller detail and frame rate. While the differences when reading Days gone on PS5 and PC are not obvious, the transition from PS4 to PC is definitely noticeable.

Why Days Gone is so much better on PC

PC version of Days Gone supports ultra-wide resolutions

The most immediately noticeable differences between running Days gone on PC and PS4 are the resolution and frame rates. The base model PS4 is unable to display 4K, and even the PS4 Pro only uses dynamic 4K for Days gone. With the right hardware, the PC version will run in native 4K while consistently delivering over 60 frames per second. The PS4 struggles to maintain 30 fps and frequently stutters while dropping multiple frames in the aforementioned horde sequences. Thus, the PC version of Days gone is definitely better for frame rates and resolution.

While i was playing Days gone on the PS5 (which still uses the dynamic 4K of the PS4 Pro) frame rate is almost becoming an issue, but even Sony’s latest console can’t compete with the latest version of the game on PC. Because Days gone works in backward compatibility, even the PS5’s SSD cannot eliminate some of the PS4’s long load times. Playing on the base model in particular means having to go through long loading screens, but the PC version is able to load in seconds. All of these performance benchmarks, along with support for features like ultra-wide resolutions and more advanced lighting effects, make the PC output Days gone a much better package than the original PS4 version.

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