Arma 4 announced; Should be coming to Xbox and PlayStation

weapon 4 was officially announced, nearly a decade after the last game was released. The Arma series has taken a huge hit on PC thanks to its incredibly realistic gameplay. While there are plenty of immersive military shooters and some solid military sims, Arma takes things to another level with really deep and rich military gameplay and scenarios. Besides being a good game at its core, Arma has supported an amazing modding community that has spawned RP servers, authentic recreations of other IPs like Star Wars, and much more. Needless to say, it has created a strong following by offering itself as a platform for immersion and creativity.

The series will continue as Bohemia Interactive, the developer of the Arma series, has confirmed weapon 4 is in active development. No release date or other really concrete details were provided, but a taste will be offered via another game, Arma Reforge, out today on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Some leaks indicated that all future entries, including weapon 4, will come to both Xbox and PlayStation platforms. At the moment it seems that Reforge is a timed Xbox exclusive, but the developer hasn’t officially confirmed if it will come to PlayStation. Reforge will also serve as the basis for weapon 4allowing the developer to expand on some of their ideas and allowing fan feedback.

Right now it looks like it will be some time before weapon 4 gets some big news, not to mention a release date, but it’s exciting to know it’s coming. In view of the incredible success weapon 3 had, Bohemia has a lot of resources that they can probably invest in the next game. It’s also amazing to hear that the series is coming to consoles, which was thought impossible due to the amount of controls present in the PC game. Only time will tell if it works, but it should be an interesting experiment.

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