Back 4 Blood: release date, pre-orders, cross-play, gameplay, etc.

Back 4 Blood is not part of the Left 4 Dead series, although it may sound like it. Two zombie-based 4v4 multiplayer games with Rock Turtle shooting action? Why would it be any different? Well, while it might seem the same at a glance, Back 4 Blood’s new features separate it from its predecessor.

Turtle Rock Studios calls him a spiritual successor. The inspirations are obvious, and that’s almost all one would expect from a Left 4 Dead sequel other than the name. A parasite called Devil Worm has infected most of humanity. The Ridden (mostly zombies) have disrupted society, and it’s the job of the cleaners to take them down. The cleaners, or zombie killers, are the only ones left standing after this disaster.

Here’s what we know so far about Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood release date

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Back 4 Blood comes out on 12 October 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Good news for Xbox fans, it’s also the day one release for Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass news has arrived with a bunch of other titles announced for Game Pass at E3 2021 Xbox and Bethesda Showcase.

Back 4 Blood Cross Game

Crossplay and cross-gen support is enabled, so players can experiment with others across all platforms and generations. For example, a PlayStation 5 player can connect with a PlayStation 4 player. A PlayStation 5 player should also be able to play with a PC player.

Return 4 Blood Beta

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Turtle Rock Studios has announced a beta from August 5 to 9 for those who have pre-ordered the game. Everyone else, even those who haven’t pre-ordered, can access the open beta from August 12 to 16. Both betas extend to all platforms.

Back 4 Blood pre-orders

Back 4 Blood offers these damn generous bonuses with its pre-orders:

  • Early Beta Access
  • Fort Hope Elite Weapons Skin Pack

As previously mentioned, only pre-order buyers can access the early beta. The open beta, available to anyone with any of the supported platforms, begins a week later.

The Fort Hope Elite Weapon Skin Pack includes camouflage-colored skins for four weapons: the M4 Carbine, Uzi SMG, S70 Shotgun, and RPK LMG.

Kill in style by picking up one of these pre-orders:

Back 4 Blood editions

A table showing the different content included in each edition of Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood has a Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate edition. The standard costs $ 59.99 or £ 59.99 at the typical retailer. The Ultimate editions cost almost double the price at $ 99.99 and £ 99.99. The Deluxe is around $ 10 and £ 10 less than the Ultimate, but it packs a lot less stuff.

Only certain retailers sell the Deluxe Edition. So far the only sellers found have been Microsoft / Xbox Digital Store and GAME, the UK games and tech retailer. On its listing page, GAME claims that it is the only third party to sell the Deluxe Edition.

The Back 4 Blood: Deluxe and Ultimate editions include:

  • 4 days early access
  • Annual Pass: Three upcoming DLCs with new stories, playable characters, Special Mutated Ridden, and more

Early Access means four days of fun before everyone else. The Annual Pass serves as a sort of DLC or Expansion Pass that you purchase in advance.

Back 4 Blood Ultimate Edition content, including Year Pass and character skins

In addition to the items listed above, Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition includes:

  • Battle-hardened skin pack for 4 characters
  • Additional digital items in the game: Rare Banner, Emblem, Spray, Title

Return 4 blood gameplay

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Back 4 Blood is a team game, so team builds are part of the strategy. For example, the Trigger-Easy Hoffman adds an offensive item slot and increases the team’s ammo capacity. His special ability also allows him to replenish ammo with each kill. His kit could therefore benefit players with an aggressive playing style.

An offensive item slot is only one slot in your deck. Back 4 Blood uses “decks” in gameplay, which are the equivalent of loadouts and class-building features in other shooters. Deck Manager gives players the freedom to create custom decks or equip pre-made decks. The decks include weapons, equipment, and abilities that aid your character and allies throughout the game.

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It’s not just about cleaners, either. Players also take on Ridden roles as the Retcher, a vomit-spitting mutant that blasts opponents from afar. Expect to switch between the two types of roles as Cleaner or Mounted. He is kind of human vs zombie multiplayer, so it makes sense to play both sides of the war.

Return 4 Blood Multiplayer

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Swarm mode is the main competitive mode and selling point of Back 4 Blood. Turtle Rock Studios gave fans a preview of this gory and gory PvP mode at E3 2021. The 4v4 mode pits two teams in best-of-three matches where squads switch between playing as Cleaners and Ridden. Whoever stays alive by playing Cleaners the longest wins. Points accumulate based on how long the cleaner crews were alive during Ridden attacks.

Back 4 Blood offers a cooperative multiplayer mode in addition to the PvP Swarm mode. It is not known what other competitive modes are, if any. Unfortunately, Back 4 Blood does not have an offline mode. This means that you should not play solo with AI teammates. However, Turtle Rock Studios says it is considering offline options for the future.

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