Battlefield 6: Gameplay Screenshots Leaked

Images believed to be from Battlefield 6 have been leaked online, showing fans what to expect from EA and DICE’s latest creation.

The gaming community has been eagerly awaiting after the developers revealed that a gameplay trailer will arrive very soon, with plans to officially launch the game before the end of 2021.

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It has been speculated for several weeks that Battlefield will take a trip to the future, located 10 years beyond the present day, with new high-tech war gadgets and futuristic weapons enclosed in a whole new setting.

EA took influence from WWI and WWII, focusing its efforts on recreating famous battles from those respective eras. Their latest version, Battlefield V, didn’t sell particularly well and fell short of Battlefield 1, released in 2016.

But while there appears to be little information regarding Battlefield 6, we may have witnessed something we might not have expected to see so soon.

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Leaked gameplay screenshots

Numerous screenshots of what appears to be the last Battlefield game have been leaked online. From what we can see, it looks like low-res snippets of the cinematic trailer that DICE promised to show us in June.

Tom Henderson is a leading leaker when it comes to Battlefield and has confirmed that these images are genuine.

Alarivdhuman has attempted to clean up the footage in what doesn’t really show us or tell us much at the moment. While there have been a lot of whispers regarding robotic dogs and other advanced devices, it remains to be seen if this image shows exactly that.

Battlefield 6 is slated to launch on current and next-gen consoles, with Playstation and Xbox gamers having the chance to see what EA and DICE have come up with. Whether cross-play will be included, yet again, remains to be seen.

What we’ve heard is that EA is looking to build servers that can accommodate 128 players, which means a 64v64 war with high levels of terrain destructibility. It’s hard to imagine how Playstation 4 and Xbox One servers will cope with this demand, but EA has promised that both versions of the game will be of high quality.

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