Before its release on Xbox, Microsoft Flight Simulator significantly reduced its file size

The upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S over the next few months, and the game just drastically reduced its file size on PC.

Originally requiring huge file size 170 GB and more (and this does not include the DLC!), Asobo Studio has “performed an optimization for the initial full download” so that it is no longer 83 GB, which looks good for the release of the Xbox.

The latest release notes also mention Xbox a few times in the “documentation section”, pointing out that the “latest information and best practices for uploading content to Xbox” have been compiled for add-on creators, and “a page with examples to illustrate model optimization was added specifically for the Xbox. “

To this day, Microsoft Flight Simulator is still aiming for a “ Summer 2021 ” release on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but there is no specific date. We’re assuming we’ll hear more of that at E3 2021 in a few weeks, although Asobo’s team recently pointed out that they won’t be talking about a release date until the time is right.

What are your hype levels for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox right now? Let us know below.

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