“Cancer can be a very lonely journey,” Anthony Lee, former PSP major general, of his ongoing battle

Singapore – Fighting cancer is a fight you never ask for, but when called upon, most people go out of their way to fight with courage.

This is certainly the case with Mr. Anthony Lee, who has had to deal with various health problems, some more serious than others.in his life, as well as in the life of his father and his young daughter.

But today he is perhaps fighting the toughest battle of his life.

A security and business continuity professional, Mr. Lee is a former member of the Progress Singapore Party’s central executive committee and previously served as the party’s deputy general secretary, before stepping down last year.

Having been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2020, he faces an uncertain future.

“Cancer can be a very lonely journey,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday (November 13), in the midst of a plea for financial help from those who want and can.

His cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, liver, lungs, spine, bones and has been deemed terminal, but he continues to live in hope and is in the midst of his third type of chemotherapy. .

He described several of the health issues he has encountered to date, from the impending death of his daughter due to her drug allergy to his own death from pancreatitis, as well as the business and financial problems he has had. had due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, his daughter is doing better physically, and he himself has defied some obstacles and survived the one year mark.

But her troubles are far from over,

“I am technically homeless as I moved from home last year (although I still pay for it with almost all other bills) due to the circumstances and I am giving it up for the sake of my daughter,” moving in with my vegetative dad and aging mom with her own health issues. I have since had to relocate again because of the environment, ”he wrote, adding that his battle with cancer is costing“ almost 5 figures a month now ”.

He is also currently unemployed but writes: “I will not give up and I will always try to work soon.”

And while he is grateful to have “some amazing friends” to help him out, “for most of the other games it was unfortunately a lonely race.”

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And while it must not have been easy to admit it, now he needs some financial help.

“My goal in writing today is basically to start this semi-private fundraiser here among friends to help me continue my journey. I used all the funds I had available during the year. There was a small donation among a small circle of friends for which I am extremely grateful, but the amount was limited …

Basically I’m pretty exhausted and don’t know how long my trip will take, but I still need to continue my treatment and find a way to live as long as possible according to God’s plan for me.

Therefore, I humbly come before you today to ask for your help in the form of donations to face my coming unknown journey. “

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Those who are able to help are asked to send their donations to UOB 450 343 151 8 or send via PayNow if they have its contact number.

Others can help by sharing his message, that we find here.

Thanking donors in advance, he ended his article by writing: “Living the process of dying.


Antoine. “


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