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Despite disappointing reviews, Days Gone 2 apparently quite well sold. Sony has never disclosed specific sales figures for the PS4 exclusive, which suggests it was not a massive success, but it is believed to have sold millions of copies. That said, PlayStation isn’t interested in a sequel. The developer, Bend Studio, was however. In fact, he launched a sequel to PlayStation, which he rejected. According to Days Gone Director Jeff Ross, who is no longer with the studio, getting a green light sequel was always going to be an uphill battle, however, the real nail in the coffin was when PlayStation boss Shawn Layden left PlayStation in 2019 to be replaced. by Jim Ryan. According to Ross, Layden stood up for the original game, so if a sequel were to be made, Layden would likely be the key to making it happen.

“It was very obvious that we should not be talking about Days Gone while we were working in the field and generating it. It was clear he wasn’t a starter, ”said Ross. “And there was nothing in the pitch that made the local manager and his boss feel good about it. It’s probably a failure of the creative group, but it was just an uphill battle the whole time. “

As stated, Ross is gone and at the moment it’s unclear what Bend Studio is working on. Days Gone was his first IP since The siphon filter. Prior to that, he worked on series for other PlayStation teams, and it’s a safe bet he won’t get another stab at a new IP with his next project.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or two to let us know what you think about it or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ to talk all things gaming related. Would you have been interested in a sequel to Days Gone? In the meantime, for more coverage across PlayStation, click here.

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Pair of 18-year-olds arrested with 4 ‘ghost’ guns over PlayStation5 robbery, cops say Fri, 07 Jan 2022 17:47:00 +0000

Two men who stole while advertising a PlayStation 5 on Facebook Marketplace have been arrested after being found with four “ghost” weapons, “authorities said.

Hassani Webb and Nestor Rivera were arrested on Dec. 21 after police executed search warrants on the 600 block of West State Street and the first block of Murray Street in Trenton, according to neighboring Hamilton Police.

Investigators found four “ghost” weapons at Webb’s home and another at Rivera’s residence as well as several large-capacity extended magazines, officials said. Homemade “ghost” pistols are usually constructed from parts of firearms and may not be found because they do not contain serial numbers.

The investigation came after two men, later identified as Webb and Rivera, arranged on Facebook Marketplace to sell the popular game console. When they met the buyer on Peabody Lane in Hamilton on Nov. 19, the 18-year-olds stole money from their target at gunpoint and fled, Hamilton police said.

Webb and Rivera are charged with robbery, possession of gun parts, and several other gun-related offenses.

Anyone with information on other similar incidents is asked to call Det. Nicholas Schulte at 609-689-5825 or by email at The Hamilton Police Service helpline can be reached at 609-581-4008.

State Police, the Mercer County SWAT team, and the Hamilton and Trenton Police Departments were part of the investigation.

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PlayStation VR2, the latest VR headset for the PS5, announced at CES 2022 Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:25:27 +0000

PlayStation VR2 is Sony’s next virtual reality headset, and a VR adaptation of Guerrilla Games’ popular Horizon series is a launch title, the company announced Tuesday night. The launch dates or windows for either product have not been given.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is developed by Guerrilla and the newly acquired Sony Firesprite Studios, creators of The Playroom series for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. The game will use the new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, along with the “new sensory features” that the headset can offer, to deliver a more realistic and immersive feel of playing virtual reality games, Sony said.

PlayStation VR2 will use headset-based controller tracking, which eliminates the need for the PlayStation Camera. The headset will use built-in cameras to reflect the wearer’s movements and field of view in-game. These will combine with headset feedback and 3D audio to amplify the experience globally, Sony said.

“Headset feedback is a new sensory feature that amplifies the sensations of the player’s in-game actions,” Hideaki Nishino, the PlayStation manager in charge of the platform experience, said in an article. blog Tuesday night. “It’s created by a single integrated motor with vibrations that add an intelligent tactile element.”

As an example, Nishino said that players “can feel a character’s high pulse during times of tension” or perceive hissing objects near their heads. “Plus, the PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech brings sounds to life in the player’s environment, adding to this new level of immersion.”

Eye tracking means looking in a different direction – without turning your head – “may create additional input for the in-game character,” Nishino added. “It allows players to interact more intuitively in new and realistic ways,” said Nishino.

Eye tracking represents the state of the art in VR headset technology; So far, it has been integrated into the HTC Vive Pro Eye, introduced in 2019, and eye tracking modules and add-ons are available for other Vive headsets. Facebook’s Oculus headset has yet to implement eye tracking, and Samsung has reportedly been working on it for its Gear line of headsets since 2016.

Tuesday night’s announcement confirmed previous statements and reports in 2021, including some from Sony, regarding plans for the new headset and PlayStation 5 compatible controllers. Eye tracking was discussed at length in a May 2021 report from UploadVR. Sony also touted the headset-based controller tracking in a feature list revealed last March.

As for Horizon Call of the Mountain, Sony and Guerrilla Games only offered a trailer featuring studio director Jan-Bart Van Beek speaking about the project for 90 seconds, followed by a short in-game clip showing the player looking like a huge robot resembling a brontosaurus. go through there.

“We don’t want to reveal too much just yet,” said Van Beek, “but this story will be told through the eyes of a brand new character. You will also meet [series protagonist] Aloy, other familiar faces, and new characters along the way. The studio is silent on further details until its PlayStation 5 title, Horizon forbidden to the west, will launch on February 18.

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The Surprise PlayStation 5 version is also a free download on PS4 and PS5 | Games | Entertainment Mon, 03 Jan 2022 17:12:44 +0000

Sony surprised everyone earlier by revealing that Deep Rock Galactic will launch on the PS4 and PS5 consoles in January 2022.

Deep Rock has a proven track record on the Xbox and PC platforms, delivering a blend of Roguelike co-op gameplay with first-person shooter mechanics.

It’s not for everyone, but many have picked up and enjoyed the dwarf-centric mining game from developers Coffee Stain Studios.

The team behind the hit shooter just added a new seasonal dynamic to the game, offering new weapons and leveling opportunities, as well as a brand new dangerous mission.

The Performance Pass is one of the main draws of the new season, with the reveal of Coffee Stain in November:

“Earning performance points is how you progress through the 100 levels of Season 01. You earn them simply by completing missions, as well as big bonuses paid for completing the challenges of the season.

“Your current season challenges can be tracked and managed in the season terminal. You can have a maximum of three challenges active at a time, and you will get a new challenge every day. Most of the challenges will be completed alongside your regular mining work, but one of them requires handing over the hard-to-obtain Data Medium, which can be obtained by completing the new mission, Industrial Sabotage.

Also, during missions you can collect data cells for even more bonuses. Do this by chasing down a rival prospector drone and destroying it – or find a rival data warehouse, hack it and recover the cell. data inside.

What makes the launch of the new game on PS4 and PS5 a little more special is that it can be downloaded and played for free on the day of its release on PlayStation.

If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you will be able to download and start playing through Deep Rock on January 4 at no additional cost.

The deal will be in place throughout the month and includes other free games, including the following:

Persona 5 attackers

Immerse yourself in the elegant world of Persona in an all-new story starring the Phantom Thieves as they embark on an epic journey through Japan. A summer vacation with close friends takes a sudden turn as a warped reality emerges, immersing you in an epic story as you fight back against the corruption that pervades cities. Dynamically control your team in explosive action battles as you uncover the truth and redeem the hearts of those trapped in the center of the crisis.

Dirt 5

Conquer breathtaking global roads and drive a roster of iconic cars in an amplified off-road racing experience. Let loose in the most daring off-road racing experience of all time, featuring a star-studded career, four-player split-screen, online multiplayer *, Playgrounds creator mode and more. Blast your way through global tracks, covering gravel, ice, snow and sand, with cars ranging from rally icons and trucks to GT heroes. Race over 70 routes through 10 global locations – from the frozen East River of New York to the glow of the Northern Lights of Norway.

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PS5 would soon lose its new Xbox exclusive game Sat, 01 Jan 2022 21:21:00 +0000

The PS5 apparently loses its most recent exclusive game and one of its top rated exclusive games to the Xbox Series X, and loses it pretty quickly. In 2021, Sony and its partners delivered three major exclusive games. The first was Return. The second was Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart. And the third, Death loop, in fact came the way of Xbox and Bethesda. The first two games are created by two studios owned by PlayStation, and no PlayStation games not named MLB The Show are coming to Xbox consoles. Death loop seems to be and considering who did it, it’s not that surprising. Specifically, it looks like the game from Arkane Studios is coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass in September.

The information comes from Bethesda, or more specifically the game’s official Twitter account, which is promoting the latest PlayStation Store sale by offering discounts. Death loop. To promote the deal, the game’s Twitter account posted a new promotional video, and at the end of that video it notes, in fine print, that the game is “not available on other consoles until at least. September 14, 2022 “, which is exactly one year after the game’s release. Of course, the implication here is that the game will hit Xbox Series X around September 14, and that’s a reasonable conclusion to draw, well that the cliff notes say “at least”.

Sadly, without the finer details on the game’s exclusivity deal, we don’t know exactly when it will arrive on Xbox, but the week of September 14 looks like a safe bet. It would make sense for the game to arrive on Xbox Series X on its first anniversary, but that falls on a Wednesday, which is a rare day to release a game.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available. In the meantime, below is a snippet from our official game review to understand why so many people were overjoyed.

“Although I have always respected the developer Arkane Studios, the company has never designed experiences that I totally adored”, we read at the opening of our Death loop review. “That, combined with the idea that much of what I had seen of Deathloop before launch seemed obtuse and bulky made me a little unsure of how it would turn out. After playing the game ended, however. , Deathloop is by far one of the best games I’ve played in 2021. Not only does it deliver an experience unlike anything else I can think of, but it’s filled to the brim with style and charming while keeping Arkane’s penchant for level design intact.

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Brennan Presley gets PlayStation 5 at Fiesta Bowl 2022 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 01:52:22 +0000