Playstation 5

Greedfall Gold Edition: PS5 and Xbox Series X

The popular action role-playing game, Fall of gluttony, will receive a brand new Gold Edition as well as a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X upgrade for existing owners. Greedfall: Gold Edition will be available on June 30 and is expected to feature a brand new expansion called “The De …

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Sony PlayStation 5 owners get PlayStation 5 (another machine?)

PlayStation Network members have received an invitation from Sony to suggest that they purchase a PlayStation 5 console through PlayStation Direct. Everyone already owns a PlayStation 5. Twitter account owner @ Wario64 shared an invitation from Sony on Wednesday suggesting PlayStation 5 purchases through PlayStation Direct. Even though he owns …

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Demon’s Souls Remake PlayStation 4 database entry found

Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake is currently only available on PlayStation 5, but the game strangely has an entry in the PlayStation 4 database, which can have a lot of implications. The discovery was made by PlayStation GameSize. Confirmed The newly discovered database entry wasn’t available until the PlayStation 5 launched …

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