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New Delhi: The Department of Energy today issued an ordinance for the extension of the Interstate Transmission System (ISTS) fee exemption on the transmission of electricity generated from solar sources and wind turbines for projects to be commissioned until June 30, 2025. In addition, the ordinance promotes the development of solar power, wind power, pumped water storage plant (PSP) and storage system battery power (BESS), renewable energy trading in electricity trading and the transparent transmission of renewable energy across states.

The interstate transportation charge exemption on the transportation of electricity generated from solar and wind power sources that was available for solar and wind projects commissioned until June 30, 2023 has now been extended until June 30, 2025.

The Interstate Transportation System (ISTS) Fee Waiver has also been approved for the Pumped Hydraulic Storage (PSP) and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects that will be put into operation. service until June 30, 2025. This will favor the installation of hydraulic pumped storage (PSP) and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to meet the grid balancing needs due to the large-scale integration of renewable energies in the electricity grid, i.e. around 450 GW by 2030.

The exemption of transmission charges has also been authorized for the trade of electricity produced / supplied from solar, wind, PSP and BESS energy on the Green Term Ahead Market (GTAM) and the Green Day Ahead Market ( GDAM) for two years, i.e. until June 30, 2023.

This should encourage the trading of renewable energies in the electricity exchanges. The volume of renewable energy trading on the electricity exchange is expected to increase further. An opportunity to minimize the reduction in renewables, as renewables developers will also have the opportunity to sell electricity on power exchanges and get paid instantly on the same day the electricity is delivered. Renewable energy buyers will also have the option of selling their surplus electricity on electricity exchanges or allowing sellers to sell on electricity exchanges in advance.

The order is futuristic because it also allows the exemption of transmission costs for RE transactions on the Green Day Ahead market (as part of the integrated Day ahead market). CERC, POSOCO and the electricity exchanges are working there in mission mode to operationalize this product in the electricity exchanges by the end of August 2021.

It has also been clarified that an intra-state transport network which is used for the transport of electricity through the territory of an intervening State as well as transport within the State which is ancillary to such interstate transmission of electricity, should be included for sharing interstate transportation costs. Any waiver of interstate transmission charges that applies to interstate transmission systems will also apply to those parts of the interstate transmission. The transmission costs of this intra-state transmission system will be reimbursed by the CTU as is done for the ISTS system. The regional electricity committee concerned can, through studies, identify such lines.

Thus, India is leading the way in the energy transition from fossil fuel to non-fossil fuel by encouraging the trade of electricity from renewables, hydro PSP and energy storage. This amending decree will give a boost to renewable energies and will also be a step forward in meeting the Indian government’s targets for meeting international obligations on climate change.

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Police 21/6 | Crime | Sun, 20 Jun 2021 20:44:00 +0000

State Police in Clearfield

An accident occurred on June 19 at 11:59 p.m. on I-80 at kilometer 116 in Lawrence Township. A 2019 Cadillac driven by Rudolph Lilpovec, 82, of Chesterland, Ohio, struck a deer in the pavement. No injuries were reported to the driver or his passenger, Elaine A. Lipovec, 72, of the same address. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

On June 16 at 3:31 p.m., Steve Perschka, 35, of Winburne, had an incident on Trolley Street in Cooper Township where he raised concerns about his family members being injured by threatening to physically harm them. He was taken into police custody and brought to justice in District Court 46-3-03.

At 9:08 a.m. on June 19, a 50-year-old man from Philipsburg reported that his wallet had been misplaced / stolen and that unknown persons had used his credit / debit card at an ATM in Clearfield. The people made three difference transactions totaling $ 1,253. The investigation is continuing.

At 10 a.m. on June 19, a 50-year-old Philipsburg man reported that a Dynacraft Gauntlet mountain bike, red in color, was stolen from his yard on Florence Street in Chester Hill Borough between the 7th and 19th June. Anyone with information should contact PSP at 814-857-3800.

On June 18 at 9:40 p.m., Jennifer Ditz, 26, of Columbia walked to a residence 400 blocks from Valley Road in Cooper Township and started yelling several times at Shawn Maines, 48. Years, from Winburne. Maines then grabbed Litz by the hair and punched her in the face. Both were cited for harassment by the district court.

Jordan Spencer, 32, of Grampian was charged by the PSP with common assault and harassment due to an altercation with a 72-year-old Grampian, which resulted in a laceration on his forehead.

At 9:53 p.m. on June 16, PSPs were dispatched to the 3600 block of Morrisdale Allport Highway in Morris Township for a domestic altercation involving a 44-year-old woman from Morrisdale and a 37-year-old man, also from Morrisdale. . It was learned that the two were involved in a verbal altercation which escalated into assault on both sides. They were separated for the evening and both were cited for assault-harassment by District Court 46-3-03.

On June 14 at 8:13 p.m., a 66 year old woman from Center Hill Road in Graham Township was scammed where we sent 35 gift cards worth $ 500 each ($ 17,500) to someone she thought had to pay her. $ 350,000.

At 6:50 p.m. on June 15, a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze driven by Chase G. Bell, 19, of Clearfield was traveling northbound on SR 970 / Shawville Croft Highway in Goshen Township. A 2015 Nissan Sentra driven by Mindy Fleming, 20, of Clearfield was driving east on the SR 879. The Chevrolet came to a stop at a stop sign at the intersection of the two freeways and after coming to a stop, she drove through the SR 879 and did not see the Nissan approaching. The Nissan swerved to avoid a collision and struck an embankment on the right side of the road. Fleming was transported by Clearfield EMS to a hospital for treatment; his passenger, a 17-year-old man, was not injured.

Between June 10 and 13, a 52-year-old Smoke Run man contacted PSP and reported that his new Hasqvarna riding lawn mower was stolen from his garage on Church Road in Beccaria Township. The mower is orange, has a 46 inch deck and 22 horsepower. Anyone with information should call PSP at 814-857-3800.

State Police in Punxsutawney

A 25 year old man known to Cherry Tree has been arrested for a summary traffic violation on Main Street / Pine Run Road in Chest Township, Clearfield County. The man was determined to be intoxicated. The charges are pending.

On June 19 at 10:11 am, PSP received a call regarding a firearm break-in incident on Hale Road in Rush Township. The victim is a 71-year-old man from Morann. Anyone with information should contact PSP Rockview.

On June 17, the Philipsburg borough toilets located at the Cold Stream Dam, Halfmoon Street / E. Presqueisle St., have been reported damaged. The investigation is continuing. Any leads or information must be communicated to PSP Rockview.

Police are investigating a stolen vehicle from a Naulton Road address. The vehicle is a silver Jeep Cherokee with Pa. LHZ-4373 registration. No one with information is advised to call the police at 814-236-3858.

While on patrol, police observed a black Chrysler 200 on Short Street that was determined to have been stolen in Ohio. The vehicle has been impounded where it will be processed for proof. Anyone in the Temple Heights area who has observed suspicious individuals is urged to call the police. Additionally, police are asking all residents of the Short Street, Hudson Street, Bailey Road and Naulton Road areas who have external cameras at home to call the police to assist with the investigation.

Police have been asked to assist PSP Clearfield with a wanted person.

Police responded to a burglary alarm at an Anderson Street address. The house was found to be safe and the officers spoke with the owner.

Police responded to a George Street address where the victim alleged someone had entered his vehicle; nothing was missing.

Police have been alerted to a suspicious person at Curwensville Commons. After locating the suspicious woman, it was determined that she had a warrant. The woman was advised of her mandate and to contact the magistrate.

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Final Fantasy Crisis Core and 9 other awesome games that are still PSP exclusive Sun, 20 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

Every entertainment industry experiences growth and change, but it’s remarkable how video games have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that is capable of giving the film and television industries a run for their money. There are a lot of important players in the video game industry, but for decades, Sony and its PlayStation consoles have helped advance the medium in a significant way.

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Sony continues to hold an enviable position in the console market, but there was also a time when they have opted for pocket computers with their PSP and PS Vita. These handhelds remain fascinating relics of their time, and while many of their games have ended up on more popular services, some PSP games remain tied to the niche handheld.

ten Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII works as a crucial prequel to the classic game

the Final fantasy the series remains a hallmark of PlayStation consoles and there is still a lot of debate as to whether Final Fantasy VII is the top of the series. Square a repeatedly returned to Final Fantasy VII universe, most recently with a massive remake / reimagining, but it was happening much earlier on the PSP. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to the original game that makes Zack Fair the protagonist. Crisis core is a fascinating extension of Final Fantasy VII which overlaps the original in a really exciting way rather than manipulative or flattering.

9 3rd Anniversary brings Aya Brea back for a mature RPG-shooter hybrid

parasite eve 3rd birthday

Square Enix has built its reputation on the legendary Final fantasy series, but some of their most interesting games are their titles which do not meet with the same universal success. Parasite watch and its sequel are cranky PlayStation titles where Square dabbled in survival horror and shootout mechanics with their usual RPG flair. 3rd anniversary is the final Parasite watch game, but it comes more than a decade after its predecessor. Audiences are always hungry for more adventures by Aya Brea, which makes it almost insulting that this entry in the series is still not available to most people.

8 Ape Quest brings back the Ape Escape series as an original RPG

PSP Ape Quest Ceremony

the Monkey escape Games play an important role in the history of the PlayStation with how they helped make analog sticks the standard for the console. The core Monkey escape the series fell into oblivion, but the PSP briefly became a home for stray monkeys, whether through the Ape Escape Academy collections of mini-games or more ambitious spin-offs.

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Monkey Quest transforms the adorable platform puzzle into a surprisingly deep RPG. Monkey Quest looks like it could have been the new leadership that Monkey escape continues to decline, but the title’s exclusivity on the PSP has probably dashed those hopes.

7 Mega Man Powered Up is an incredible remake of the original that goes beyond

PSP Mega Man Powered Up Attack

It is common for retro video games to receive modern remasters, and one of the main uses of the PSP was to provide portable adaptations of classic PlayStation and PlayStation 2 titles. There are countless re-releases for it. the Mega man Games, but the PSP Mega Man Under Power rebuilds the original title from scratch. Not only Mega Man Under Power boast an adorable art style, but it’s packed with extra perks like the ability to play in-game like any Robot Master. There were plans for more Mega Man Under Power titles which unfortunately did not take place.

6 Metal Gear Acid and its sequel turn the classic PlayStation Stealth into a card fight

PSP Metal Gear Acid 2 Combat

the Solid metal gear The influence of the series on Sony consoles is undeniable, and they used their handhelds to push the franchise in new directions. There are revolutionaries Solid metal gear entries on the PS Vita that made their way onto home consoles, but the same treatment didn’t come with the much more niche efforts of the PSP, Metal Gear Acid and its sequel. Acronym for Active Command Intelligence Duel, the spin-off combines Metal Gear Solid Stealth and tactical gameplay with the mechanics of a turn-based card game RPG. It’s something that everything Solid metal gear or turn-based RPG fans should experience it.

5 Daxter splits beloved platform duo and meets with great success

Daxter spin-off on PSP

Naughty Dog is a crucial developer behind some of Sony’s biggest console titles. Naughty Dog contributions with Crash Bandicoot and Unexplored cannot be overstated, but their series of platforms, Jacques and Daxter, always receives a lot of love.

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the Jacques and Daxter The series may not be made for good, but the PSP has tried to do something interesting by dividing up the duo and giving Daxter his own solo adventure. It’s a risk that pays off, but the spinoff series has failed to thrive properly because it’s stuck as a PSP exclusive.

4 MediEvil: Resurrection gives 1998 classic a much needed facelift

PSP MediEvil Resurrection Fight

the MediEvil The series is one of the most original contributions to come for the PlayStation, and it represents a significant push towards more creative storytelling. Sir Daniel Fortesque is a wonderfully unique hero, but the original games are largely products of their time. A sophisticated PlayStation 4 remake of MediEvil was recently released, but in 2005 the PSP introduced MediEvil: Resurrection, a handheld computer reinvented from the first game in the series. MediEvil: Resurrection may seem less essential due to the recent MediEvil versions, but there is still a lot of passion and additional content in this package.

3 Monster Hunter Freedom and its sequel bring gigantic games to the portable world

Monster Hunter Freedom Attack on PSP

Capcom Monster hunter The series has always been a big draw in Japan, but it took a while for the franchise to find its footing elsewhere. Now there’s even a feature film adaptation that’s out. The PSP marks a more basic era for the series and the advent of portable versions of classic games was a huge deal. Liberty Monster Hunter is a remastered version of the first two games in the series, with an emphasis on Monster Hunter G. His follow-up attacks the PlayStation 2 Monster Hunter 2, but in fact its own rather than just being a port.

2 Phantasy Star Portable and its sequel bring the awe-inspiring MMORPG to handhelds

PSP Phantasy Star Portable 2 Battle

by Séga Fantasy star The RPG series has emerged as a satisfying alternative to Final Fantasy, but the franchise slowly turned to tthe MMORPG genre, where he really knew how to find his voice. There have been several ports of Fantastic Star Online and Universe who try to bring the sprawling experience to new audiences. Rather than direct ports, the PSP is developing its own Fantasy star extension with Fantastic Star Portable and its sequel. The games take place after the conclusion of Fantasy star Universe, and it’s remarkable how much these games pile up in Sony’s portable machine.

1 Patapon 3 is a masterpiece of creative rhythm that surpasses its predecessors

PSP Patapon 3 Battle

For a long time it was assumed that rhythm games could only match titles to music, but there have been inventive ways to combine rhythm game mechanics with completely different genres. Patapon is a rhythm-based series that combines mechanics with an action-adventure story that makes perfect use of the capabilities of the PSP. The first two Patapon games made their way to home PlayStation consoles, but 2011 Patapon 3 is still stuck on the PlayStation Portable. It’s a shame because Patapon 3 only continues the magic of the series and is the furthest thing from a disappointing sequel.

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Dead Zone, Pacific Rim, Straight Story

10 avant-garde filmmakers (and everyone’s most accessible film)

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Dementia + Bracelet (Letter to the editor, June 10 edition) Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:22:20 +0000

Mr. Editor,

First of all, I would like to thank your correspondent Sue McAdam for highlighting the value of the “Estou Aqui” bracelet (I am here!), Which was an initiative of the Ministry of Internal Administration and administered by the Police of public security (PSP).

For your information, this program was originally set up to help reunite children who fall away from their parents / guardians, for example in crowded areas or on beaches. Anyone finding the child and checking the bracelet can then call the emergency number with the child’s contact details and the parents are contacted by the police. The fact that it is free, administered by the police, and easy to request and remove, makes the bracelet system extremely successful.

Literally hundreds of thousands of children have used it since its inception.

It is designed for children aged two to ten, but bracelets for children under two may exceptionally be available if they are fully able to walk independently.

Subsequently, this scheme was extended to people who, due to their age or illness, may become disoriented or unconscious in public places – including those suffering from dementia and, as your correspondent points out, from epilepsy. The program aims to ensure the safety of all users on public roads and to promote a quick reunion with the family member or acquaintance previously indicated.

Safe Communities has promoted this with the PSP at various exhibitions / shows and through our website and Facebook page. This bracelet can be ordered online and picked up at the nearest PSP station of your choice. In some cases where missing people with disorientation are missing and luckily found, we have recommended the use of the bracelet.

It is good to hear the response from users as in the case of Sue which gives her “a sense of confidence if she is alone in public”.

More details on the program for children and adults can be downloaded here:

David Thomas President,
Safe Communities Portugal

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Metric Works With NMI To Offer Customers A Direct PSP Deal For Cashless Parking In UK Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:00:07 +0000

Metric Group Ltd is working in partnership with NMI to offer our customers a direct PSP deal for cashless parking operations across the UK. NMI is a global leader in the payment services industry and the partnership between Metric and NMI will therefore allow customers to benefit from a better PSP transaction rate (using the partnership leverage of Metric) and a Faster customer setup and integration process to meet the rapidly changing demands of Metric customers.

The advantages for our customers who choose to embark with the Metric PSP for the treatment of card transactions in metric parking bollards are important in today’s world because we want to help improve transparency, cashless transactions capacity in all parking spaces at once Off the street and In the street.

So if you want to know more about the PSP metric or if you want to find out about payment service and the process, please contact your sales manager as soon as possible for more information, details of which can be found here.

About Metric Group Limited

The METRIC brand is synonymous with parking in the UK and around the world. We have installed more than 60,000 parking meters in more than 45 countries. Wherever parking control and integrity is important, trust METRIC to make the system a success. When it comes to parking management control, no one offers more flexibility than METRIC. That’s why METRIC’s payment and display systems monitor more than one million parking spaces in 1,000 cities around the world.

METRIC Group Ltd is proud to be not only a UK manufacturer of parking machines, but we also design and supply ticketing solutions for public transport.

About NMI

INM logo

NMI is one of the world’s leading payment activation platforms, processing more than $ 70 billion in payments annually. We enable payments for 1,450 partners and over 150,000 merchants globally and across the entire commerce ecosystem: online, in-app, on mobile, in-store, unattended, and regardless of location. after. We are constantly innovating to fuel the next era of payments, incorporating the latest technology so ISOs, ISVs and fintech innovators can focus on what they do best. NMI has offices in the US and UK and serves global clients.

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Biogen’s Alzheimer’s disease treatment gosuranemab study fails – PharmaLive Thu, 17 Jun 2021 16:10:09 +0000

Another experimental treatment for Alzheimer’s disease ended on the basis of clinical failures. Biogen’s research to develop additional drugs for Alzheimer’s disease beyond its newapproved aducanumab has encountered a clinical problem. The company’s anti-tau gosuranemab antibody did not meet endpoints in a phase II study and was discontinued.

Biogen announced that gosuranemab, which had been authorized by Bristol Myers Squibb, did not meet its primary efficacy endpoint of change from baseline at 78 weeks in patients with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease compared to placebo based on Clinical Dementia Rating Scale – Sum of the Boxes. No therapeutic benefit was observed on exploratory efficacy endpoints based on different assessments, including the Alzheimer’s Disease Rating Scale – cognitive subscale, cooperative study activity of the disease Alzheimer’s disease on daily life, the mini-examination of the mental state and the functional assessment questionnaire.

Gosuranemab is an antibody directed against the N-terminus of the tau protein, one of the main proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The other main target for Biogen was beta-amyloid, which was the target for aducanumab. Tau is also implicated in other diseases, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), frontotemporal dementia, parkinsonism, and progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).

It was being evaluated in the Alzheimer’s disease patient population in the phase II TANGO study. Biogen noted in its announcement that gosuranemab has demonstrated target engagement by lowering the N-terminal tau in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This was consistent with previous studies. However, the TANGO study, gosuranemab did not show any statistically significant treatment effect on tau-PET after 78 weeks in any treatment group.

PictureDesignSwiss / Shutterstock

Alfred Sandrock, head of research and development at Biogen, expressed his disappointment with the Phase II study of gosuranemab. Based on the failure of phase II, the TANGO study was discontinued.

“We know that the path to innovation is not a straight line and that we always learn from every try. We are investing in a broad pipeline of neuroscience, including other tau approaches for Alzheimer’s disease, ”Sandrock said in a statement.

Biogen said it will continue to analyze data from the TANGO study, including CSF biomarkers. The data will be presented at an upcoming medical conference.

Gosuranemab has already failed to meet the parameters of a Phase II study for PSP. As a result of this study, Biogen said it was stopping the gosuranemab program for PSP.

Developing therapies for Alzheimer’s disease has been an extremely difficult task. Several drugs have failed in clinical studies, including the recently approved aducanumab.

At one point, Biogen and its development partner Eisai intended for abandon drug development in total, but a re-evaluation of the data showed some efficacy which was the basis for the controversial approval of aducanumab by the United States Food and Drug Administration, which the regulatory agency’s advisory board had rejected. Since the approval, three members of the advisory committee have resigned. The Public Citizen watchdog group has requested resignation from above FDA officials who were instrumental in approving aducanumab, including Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock.

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ECP terms argue for new vote in non-maintainable NA-249 Wed, 16 Jun 2021 18:31:59 +0000

For maintainability reasons, the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) on Wednesday rejected identical demands, calling for a new ballot in Karachi National Assembly constituency NA-249.

Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) candidates presented the petitions to the ECP, alleging rigging in the NA-249 by-elections held on April 29.

They had begged the ECP to declare the ballot void and to organize new by-elections in the constituency. The ECP, however, dismissed the petitions as unsustainable and asked the petitioners to invoke the forum’s competent jurisdiction, which is the electoral tribunal for the appeal.

On April 29, Abdul Qadir Mandokhail of the Pakistani People’s Party won the elections with 15,656 votes. Miftah Ismail of the Pakistani Muslim League-Nawaz was the finalist with 14,747 votes. Mufti Nazeer Kamalvi of Pakistan from Tehreek-e-Labbaik took third place with 11,125 votes, followed by Mustafa Kamal of the PSP, who collected 9,227 votes.

Pakistan’s Election Commission last month recounted the votes cast at 276 polling stations in NA-249 constituency, where Mandokhail was once again victorious. The recount of the votes was ordered on the plea of ​​Miftah Ismail. When the recount of the votes began, the PML-N, PTI, PSP and MQM-P parties boycotted it for non-provision of Forms 45 and 46.

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MACAU DAILY TIMES »TDM exerts a higher degree of censorship, confirms an insider Wed, 16 Jun 2021 00:41:59 +0000

TDM has exercised an “unprecedented” degree of censorship on its programs since last June, with the removal of certain content mentioning the vigil on June 4, a credible source who knows the matter and wishes to remain anonymous told The Times yesterday.
The source revealed that censorship by Macau’s largest broadcasting company was “in effect” and became remarkably visible, starting around June 4. This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square.
According to the source, the content of the June 4 vigil has been removed from at least two TDM programs, providing strong evidence of the increased suppression of press freedom exercised by TDM management.
One of the two censored programs was the weekly talk show, titled Contraponto, on May 28. The show was broadcast live with commentators discussing the decision of the Public Security Police (PSP) in late May to ban the Macao Union for Democratic Development (the long- organizer of the June 4 vigil in Macao) for hosting the event this year. The ban subsequently prompted the alliance to appeal the ban on PSP to the Court of Final Appeal (TUI).
“He [Contraponto] broadcast everything [during the first live episode]. “However, TDM management has decided to remove certain June 4-related information from versions reposted on television and on the Internet,” the source said.
Another program affected was the Portuguese daily news program Telejornal on 4 June. The source said that information on the New Macao Association’s reaction to TUI’s June 3 decision to dismiss the appeal filed by the Macao Union for Democratic Development, which included some “images of Tiananmen in 1989 ”, has also been deleted.
TDM yesterday published an explanatory note on its website to clarify its justification for removing the content of these two shows, following “a request for information” from another media agency.
Regarding the deleted content on Contraponto that aired before TUI rendered its final verdict, TDM explained that “[as] it is not opportune to comment or give an opinion on cases where the judicial process is still ongoing, it was decided to delete the comment on a possible decision of the Court of Final Appeal of the Contraponto program.
In contrast, the content of the Telejornal of June 4 “has been removed from the final version, which is available online”. The reason for such deletion was that “this news had not been seen before by the editor, which is normal procedure in any media platform, and the reporter did not follow the news. instructions that had been given. [by] the main news editor.
“Finally, the inclusion of this news would not provide any additional information to the public,” said TDM.
Despite TDM’s explanations, the source told The Times that these reasons provided “made no sense and are just excuses for their [TDM’s] increased censorship.
These reasons did not match, as there were many SLM programs that “talked a lot about the cases that are before the courts. [before]. “
The source also took issue with TDM’s motives for removing the particular content on Telejornal on June 4, claiming that “the [TDM] the publisher almost never sees the piece in advance. It has always been like that. In addition, the New Macao Association’s reaction to the TUI decision is “important information” to the public, the source argued.
It had been reported in some local media that in March of this year, TDM management called a meeting with Portuguese journalists to brief them on the new reporting ethic and the guidelines they must adhere to. These directives included the promotion of patriotism and the ban on disseminating information against the policies of the central government and the measures adopted by the Macau government.
During the meeting, management reportedly said they wanted TDM journalists who did not want to comply with the new ethics and new reporting guidelines to voluntarily leave, while those who chose to stay but did not did not comply risked being fired from their posts, according to the source.
Following the meeting, at least 10 journalists from Radio Macao and the Portuguese TV station TDM left the public broadcaster. All those who had resigned received full allowances in accordance with the labor code and the statutes of TDM.
Asked about the impact of such increased censorship on society, the source stressed: “Every society needs ‘checks and balances’. Journalism is not only about information, it is also about monitoring the government and those in power. Well, if you don’t have a free press, you don’t have a well-informed society. So if we lose this it is bad for our society.
Last year’s vigil was banned by city police due to the pandemic. In 2021, the vigil was banned for the second time by the PSP, saying the event’s purpose and slogans would violate local criminal laws.
The Macao Union for Democratic Development held the June 4 vigil every year between 1989 and 2019.
On June 3, TUI rejected an appeal filed by the union and ruled that organizers’ choice of political slogans used in vigils in previous years violated the country’s Constitution and Macau’s Basic Law.
Following the court ruling, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region , the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the Macao SAR Government have all issued their respective statements to show their support. Journalist

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What went wrong with the PlayStation Phone? Mon, 14 Jun 2021 11:55:44 +0000

The video game industry was a very different place ten years ago, in the early 2010s. Shooters were the dominant genre. The developers were introducing multiplayer to all possible games. Single-player games were supposed to be on the verge of disappearing. The success of the Wii had prompted Sony and Microsoft to try their own brands of motion games. Microtransactions and loot boxes were just starting to gain traction in the market. No one cared about the looter shooters or the battle royale. Social media games like FarmCity were huge.

And there was the handheld computer market. The DS and PSP were nearing the end of their lives, the former having beaten its admirable competitor 2: 1, and Sony and Nintendo were both gearing up to launch their next handheld consoles. But things weren’t as simple as just putting out a better, more powerful portable system and making more games for it – because a revolution in the games industry had changed the way developers, publishers, and publishers. and hell, even a lot of gamers were watching games in general. It was a revolution that could have a major impact on the entire industry, including console games, not just handheld games.

We are, of course, talking about mobile games. Simple, accessible games that could be played in short bursts were becoming extremely popular, and many believed that this was going to be the future of the games industry, that it would be the primary way to play games in the future (also big whatever the mobile, this last bit obviously did not happen). Each company came up with different ways of dealing with this paradigm shift, and when it came to Sony, they decided to take a two-pronged approach. Not only did they decide to go ahead and release a new, dedicated portable system as a suitable successor to the PlayStation Portable, but they also released a hybrid of mobile and portable console.

What was originally dubbed the PlayStation Phone was escape midway through 2010, and an announcement for the Sony Ericsson device, officially called Xperia Play, came soon after. Running on Android, the device had a design very similar to that of the PSP Go. With a sliding screen, a d-pad, PlayStation face buttons, two analog touchpads, shoulder buttons and more, the The device, on paper, had everything it needed to serve as the perfect bridge between mobile and handheld games. .

But in the end, in its attempt to straddle that line, the Xperia Play ended up falling short of its promises. It was neither here nor there. It was powerful enough to run PSP games, and was able to emulate PS1 games as well, and even boasted of Crash Bandicoot. But any new gaming device needs exclusive content to sell consumers its viability, to convince people to spend money on the product – and Sony has failed on that front. Games specially made for the Xperia Play were few in number, which of course was an issue that crippled the PS Vita as well, but that’s another discussion. Meanwhile, the phone also wasn’t capable of remote gaming or cloud streaming, which would have been a huge boon for a device like this, but one that was baffled outside of its set of. features.

The Xperia Play clearly wasn’t going to be a dedicated portable device, that was clear, but what about the mobile side of things? It was, after all, a phone, so maybe he could do at least one of the things he’d set out to do? Well, that’s not the case, because when it ran out, a lot of Android games just couldn’t run on the phone, largely because of the focus on inputs from traditional portable consoles. And with a draft of content on both fronts, the device quickly fell into oblivion.

It’s no surprise that the Xperia Play has not been very successful. While he had a good idea on paper, Sony’s shy execution of his ideas left a lot to be desired, while they also seemed quite willing to just send the device to die with barely any support for it. him after its release, similar to what they did with the PS Vita. The Xperia Play isn’t a device they talk about a lot – hell, they didn’t talk about it much even back when it was alive. Presumably the sales were low enough that they simply decided to give it up.

Not so long ago, old prototypes for a PlayStation Phone sequel would have fled. The roughly eight-year-old prototype showed images of a device very similar in design to the original Xperia Play, with a few more additions and improvements, such as a 3D button, which presumably was going to be the phone’s attempt at take advantage of what 3DS was doing with its own stereoscopic 3D. Considering the fact that we heard about this prototype late (if it was even real) and the fact that it never saw the light of day, it’s fair to assume that Sony scrapped this project before it ever saw the light of day. couldn’t come to fruition – and looking at what happened with the original PlayStation Phone, it’s easy to see why.

The question is, will Sony make another effort to create a dedicated gaming phone? The answer? Almost certainly not. The gaming market has changed dramatically, and it’s pretty clear now that dedicated gaming phones won’t work, not when gaming has become so ubiquitous on regular phones everywhere. Android and iOS platforms have become massive for the industry, both in terms of revenue and player bases, and we are seeing more and more companies looking to participate in this action.

This also includes Sony, which has explicitly stated on several occasions recently that it intends to take its larger properties and make mobile games out of them. It’s easy to see how something like Gran Turismo could function as a free-to-play mobile game, and other franchises in Sony’s catalog that focus on multiplayer could also be relaunched for the same purpose, including the likes of Killzone, twisted metal, or even something like Little big planet.

xperia play

Software developed specifically for mobile will certainly be a thing at Sony in the near future, but it’s unlikely that they’ll make another PlayStation Phone, or anything like that. When it comes to hardware, it’s clear they’re focusing entirely on the PlayStation home consoles – even the portable PlayStation lineup has died out, following the failure of the PS Vita. Again, this may be the best possible approach for them. Rather than halving it with a device doomed to fail from the start, maybe they could instead focus on delivering quality software. At least that’s what one might hope.

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