Clearfield County DA enters into an agreement with the company Pa. Skill Machines

CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – A company behind the Pennsylvania Skill Machines and the Clearfield District Attorney’s Office have reached an agreement to seize the slot machines.

In September, Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and the Bureau of Liquor Control and Enforcement (BLCE) seized slot machines belonging to “Pace-O-Matic” (PoM) at several establishments. However, Clearfield County District Attorney Ryan Sayers has agreed to refrain from moving forward with the criminal prosecution.

PSP and BLCE will continue to investigate seized machines, but more machines will not be confiscated until the facility in question has more than five.

“As discussed with attorneys for PoM, the concern of this office is the unregulated nature of these gaming devices and the existence of mini-casinos,” District Attorney Sayers said.

Based on the investigations into these machines and how they are actually played, the District Attorney agrees with PSP that these machines have all three characteristics of a gaming device:

  • Insert money to play
  • Results determined primarily by chance, as opposed to competence
  • Cash payments

“PoM agreeing to limit the number of machines in any establishment and to prohibit the supply of machines to any establishment whose main income consists of these machines (” mini-casinos “) is an acceptable resolution for the moment”, continued Sayers.

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