COD Modern Warfare Multiplayer not working after Pacific update for many

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Recently, COD: Modern Warfare received the “Pacific” update with new features. However, it seems that this has caused problems for many players.

According to multiple reports, COD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer is not working after Pacific update due to missing data pack issue. Also, it seems that the performance of the game has deteriorated considerably.

Modern Warfare performance issues after the Pacific update

Many gamers report that after the COD: Modern Warfare Pacific update the game became ‘unplayable’ due to multiple issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).

In some cases, the game constantly crashes during matches due to “Crossplay enabled: Drop In, Rise Up!” Error message.

First, as usual, the update uninstalled a multiplayer pack (unfortunately that’s normal). So I had to wait for it to reinstall.

I decide to get into a shootout game. Every half minute in a match, I get a message “Crossplay Enabled: Drop In, Rise Up!” »Text on screen that blocks my gameplay.

I also noticed that the loading screens are all Pacific themed in MW and my entire user face is now half Vanguard themed.

The same report adds that in addition to freezing, the game crashes. It also appears that there are UI elements of COD: Vanguard and other issues.

The set also runs much slower, frequent freezes require a restart, and the game itself has crashed three times since the update. My game has never crashed before. When I’m finally able to play, it’s a mess.

My character now has a clan tag? I’ve never had a clan tag in my life now I have one of random letters. It is so confusing. I can’t level up either.

Weapon / throwable icons on the bottom right blink every 15 seconds as if I had just appeared. I have gold on guns that I know I never leveled up. The loading screen has the Vanguard user interface.

Modern Warfare missing data pack issue, multiplayer not working (workaround)

Meanwhile, other players report that they cannot access multiplayer in COD: Modern Warfare due to the “missing data pack” issue.

I have all the data packs required to play multiplayer, but I still get a “Missing Data Pack” error. Is it because of the new update? Is the game finally broken enough? Could I have some kind of response?

For this particular issue, there is a workaround that would help resolve it:

It should be noted that Raven Software (the developers of the game) has a Trello board where issues they are working on appear.

In one of their most recent updates, they state that they are investigating “various performance issues” on PlayStation, which could be related to previous reports.


At the moment, that’s all we know about this particular topic. We will update this article if new related developments appear to keep you informed.

Finally, you can consult the bug / problem tracker dedicated to the COD saga to be aware of everything.

Update 1 (December 10)

11:34 am (IST): In case you have noticed that the game is crashing while using the Predator Missile Kill Sequence, you might find some comfort knowing that this is a known issue and that Raven Software confirmed he was working on a fix.

❗️ Re. Modern Warfare Multiplayer:

The Predator Missile Killstreak is linked to an issue causing game clients to crash.

We advise players to avoid using this killstreak while we continue to work on a fix. (Source)

Update 2 (December 11)

10:56 p.m. (IST): Raven Software has rolled out a new update for Warzone in order to fix a bunch of bugs and glitches as well as tweak some of the game’s weapons. Unfortunately, this release doesn’t contain any fixes for the crashing issues or multiplayer issues that we have. have highlighted above.

Update 3 (December 13)

11:00 am (IST): Someone shared a video on YouTube that describes some of the different workarounds, including generic steps you can take to resolve crashes or other minor issues you may experience while playing the game. below :

Update 4 (December 14)

4:26 p.m. (IST): An individual shared a workaround for the data pack bug that prevents players from playing the game. Check it out below:

100% functional guarantee (unless this latest update makes it even worse ..)

-Remove and reinstall the game.

-Download the Multiplayer 2 Data Pack and the Spec Ops / Multiplayer Compatibility Pack ONLY.

– Exit the game and authorize the download and installation of these two packs.

When you get back to it, it should all be fixed. I’m on PlayStation consoles, but I think this should apply to Xbox as well. Everyone I suggested it to had a 100% success rate. (Source)

Update 5 (December 15)

11:11 am (IST): One of our readers also shared a workaround that helped them resolve the issue. So you can try the following steps to see if it helps you:

So, after searching dozens of tables and several videos, not finding a clear way to fix this problem, I found the solution.
In order to resolve the “Missing Data Pack” issue, follow the steps below.
1. Go to the game menu and click on Multiplayer. This will take you to the menu where it shows everything that is installed in your game.
2. Here you will see Multiplayer and Special Ops Data Pack 3. Click on it.
3. After clicking this option, exit the game and navigate to Manage game and add-ons.
4. NOW the option to install Data Pack 3 will appear.
5. Go ahead and install it.

Thanks so much for the workaround, Osama S!

Update 6 (December 16)

11:00 am (IST): Warzone took a new update on December 15th which brought a bunch of weapon adjustments and bug fixes. Unfortunately, the release notes make no mention of the data pack bug preventing players from playing the game.

Update 7 (December 17)

11:20 am (IST): Warzone has fetched another update, but there does not appear to be a fix for the data pack bug. The highlight of the new update is that the bombing on the Caldera has stopped.

Update 8 (December 18)

11:14 am (IST): One person claims that the best way to fix the problem is to just download and install all the DLCs. According to them, chances are you will miss a lot of content which makes the game unplayable.

My solution !!
1) enter Warzone
2) from the hall his “hamburger” with three bars for options
3) right bumper to the account
4) in the Game section, select Game facilities
5) verify that all DLCs are installed

Personally, I was missing 12.6 GB Pack 3 which was not showing up anywhere other than here, hope this helps! (Source)

Update 9 (December 20)

10:45 am (IST): Warzone updates keep coming. update which was dropped on December 19 brings some bugfixes, however, the changelog has no mention of a fix for the data pack bug.

Update 10 (December 21)

12:10 (IST): A YouTuber shared a few steps to find the missing data pack on the PlayStation 4 and 5. So in case you were unable to play the game due to the issue, we suggest you try the following:

Update 11 (December 22)

11:12 am (IST): One person claims that they were able to fix the issue by installing Data Packs 1 and 2 for Modern Warfare and also having to restart the game each time.

While the first half of the workaround has been known for some time, the second half which involves having to restart the game every time is something not many people are aware of.

You need to install Data Packs 1 and 2 for Modern Warfare. It suited me. Then make sure you quit the game completely and restart it. You should see the infinite service intro. Otherwise, you haven’t really restarted it. (Source)

I learned last night that you need a hard restart of the game every time. But really… the game is still unplayable. You don’t miss a thing. (Source)

Update 12 (December 23)

00:20 (IST): While we’ve seen conflicting workarounds, the most useful workaround for the data pack problem appears to be to install Data Pack 3, as a recent Twitter user pointed out.

Go to the game settings from the home screen. Game add-ons, then find MP 3 pack (Source)

Raven Software and Activision have yet to publicly acknowledge the missing data pack issue to date.

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