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It’s also worth remembering that the $ 7,000 I paid to go to college was in 1970s, when a brand new German executive car with a big chrome peace symbol on the hood cost. about as much. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $ 46,948.53 in today’s money.

While a non-technical degree certainly doesn’t guarantee a living wage, at least one of them will be able to discuss Hegel’s impact on revolutionary ideas with other baristas while handing out Seattle’s best at Tres Chic Café.

Poor little me, my degrees weren’t technical so I worked for a while in manufacturing and other relatively low paying jobs.

So how did I get a job at a solid fuel rocket manufacturing plant designing manufacturing processes for aerospace and nuclear missiles and working on projects involving engineering, rocket fuel, electronics, l ablation, reliability statistics, Reynold numbers and more?

I joined the military and spent 40 hours a week for two years studying subjects I never thought I could master, for free!

That’s a lot of credit hours, and no college professor has ever stood on my desk and yelled in my face if I gave the wrong answer. No college has ever mandated a study hall all weekend for anything less than splendid grades.

And these real jobs have allowed me to pay off my student loans.

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