Cristiano Ronaldo’s bodyguards under investigation for suspicion of illegal work


Former elite soldiers Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro have been a constant presence alongside Cristiano Ronaldo since his return to Man Utd but are at the center of an investigation in Portugal

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Cristiano Ronaldo trains with Man Utd ahead of Villareal test

Cristiano Ronaldo’s bodyguards are under investigation for suspicion of illegal work in Portugal, according to local reports.

The twins, Sergio and Jorge Ramalheiro, elite former soldiers currently on unpaid police leave, are at the center of an investigation into allegations that they provided unauthorized close protection services.

They could be tried for performing private security duties without police permission.

And they would be subject to disciplinary proceedings upon their return to the Portuguese public security police.

Asked about the investigation, a PSP spokesperson told the Mirror: “We do not comment on cases under investigation.”

Last week we revealed that the Man United striker’s keepers served with the Portuguese Army in Afghanistan.

Ronaldo’s goalkeepers have been a constant presence since returning to Man Utd



Their former lieutenant colonel described them as “very strong mentally and physically”.

They were part of a PSP close protection unit tasked with protecting politicians and judges before becoming responsible for the safety of Ronaldo, 36, his four children and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, 27.

Last month, Ronaldo and Georgina announced they were expecting twins.

Reports in Portugal say the guards have been investigated after being seen twice working for Ronaldo in Lisbon.

Twin bodyguards are part of Ronaldo’s round-the-clock security operation


Eamonn and James Clarke)

The PSP is said to have drawn up two reports for the investigative service of the Portuguese public prosecutor’s office.

An insider said people working in private security without a police license in Portugal could be jailed for between one and five years.

Anyone who knowingly hires unlicensed bodyguards can also face prosecution in Portugal.

There is no indication that Ronaldo is suspected of having committed any wrongdoing. Its representatives have been contacted by the Mirror.

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