Death Stranding 2 might be Kojima Productions’ Sony title, but its Xbox game is a mystery

Hideo Kojima’s career may have taken a very different direction after leaving Konami, but he and his studio have had no less success since then. 2019 Death Stranding was hailed as a great new chapter for Kojima Productions in the wake of the studio’s independence, and now all eyes are on what Kojima Productions does next. A Death Stranding A sequel seems inevitable, given the success of the first game and the powerful potential of the concept, but that’s not all that awaits the studio. Kojima Productions is also reportedly working on a new Xbox-exclusive game.


The Xbox collaboration is a bit of a surprise, considering how Death Stranding was largely a PlayStation title, but it’s also smart. Kojima Productions has a lot to gain from building franchises on Xbox and PlayStation. However, despite being a savvy business decision, the Xbox collaboration remains a complete mystery. There are some clues about the possible nature of the Xbox game, but nothing has been confirmed so far. In this way, there is an interesting contrast between a possible Death Stranding sequel and the Xbox game. While Kojima Productions’ future on PlayStation looks bright and secure, its plans for Xbox are awfully hard to predict.

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Kojima’s Xbox State of the Game

A few clues from the past few years offer a glimpse of Kojima Productions’ Xbox title. For example, in 2020, Hideo Kojima talked about his desire to create a new horror game that would break new ground in the genre. It’s possible that Xbox is interested in publishing Kojima’s hypothetical horror game, leading him to reach out and strike a deal to work with his studio. Some reports suggest Xbox took over the game after PlayStation turned it down, and insiders claimed Kojima Productions and Xbox signed letters of intent to work together. Kojima Productions hasn’t confirmed anything, but some sort of game is apparently in the works.

The trail there is mostly cold. A horror game from Kojima Productions definitely has legs, given Kojima’s horror accomplishments in PT, but no deeper concept has yet surfaced. It’s entirely possible that Project Kojima-Xbox has nothing to do with Kojima’s idea of ​​horror; Kojima Productions may have an entirely different IP address to offer Xbox as the most action-oriented Death Stranding. Rumors about this game have been swirling for about a year now, so it’s surprising that no official confirmation has arrived yet.

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Kojima Productions is just getting started

For the time being, Death Stranding is the only game that defines Kojima Productions’ current indie era, but that’s not such a bad thing. Death Stranding is a hugely innovative title that sets the studio apart from most others and shows that Hideo Kojima is always full of unique ideas. Meanwhile, the rumored Xbox game probably has nothing to do with Death Stranding. It is unlikely that Death Stranding 2 will make the leap to Xbox exclusivity, since the franchise’s audience is largely on the PlayStation. However, Death Stranding serves as a powerful incentive for other video game publishers to strike deals with Kojima Productions.

Fans of Kojima’s work should keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. Cryptic images on Kojima Productions’ social media showing clocks at different times of the day could be teasers for an upcoming announcement; in other words, Xbox game confirmation could be imminent. The Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase would be the perfect time to announce an Xbox-Kojima collaboration, so it’s possible Kojima Productions is warming up its fans for some sort of teaser there. Death Stranding and the rumored Xbox game may be opposites in terms of publicity at the moment, but maybe they’ll be even soon.

Death Stranding is available now for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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