Death Stranding PS4 upgrade cost

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is not one of the games to offer a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5.

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Sony’s latest inventory has come and gone, leaving behind new trailers and release dates for some exciting titles. During the presentation, fans were treated to a whole new look at what they can expect from Director’s Cut of Death Stranding, which releases this fall. The trailer highlighted the new missions, weapons, and combat mechanics that await players as they dive back into the post-apocalyptic world of Kojima. Shortly after the debut, a PlayStation blog post clarified some of the rumors and questions fans have had after the Director’s Cut was announced, including how PS4 users can upgrade to the new version.

Jay Boor, Head of Editing at Kojima Productions, took Sony’s PlayStation blog to share new information on the upcoming Director’s Cut of Death Stranding and to clarify some concerns fans have raised about the game. Boor began by reiterating what the enhanced version of the 2019 action-adventure game will bring, including New Content and Enhanced Gameplay Features: “Death Stranding Director’s Cut is packed with a ton of new content and enhanced gameplay features. We are introducing more weapons, equipment and vehicles, a variety of new modes, missions and areas to explore, expanded scenarios and user interface improvements.

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Next, Boor wanted to take the time to “clarify some things” about the Director’s Cut that have been circulating since his announcement at the Summer Games Fest last month. This included letting fans know that the new content was completely built and developed from the ground up, following Death Stranding’s initial launch in 2019. He also said the new content wasn’t just “bolted” into the game. game, but carefully integrated into the base gaming experience. While most of the new content will be easy to spot, some will take time and exploration to discover.

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Next, Boor explained how PlayStation 4 users who already own a copy of Death Stranding could easily upgrade to Director’s Cut. These players can simply upgrade to the Death Stranding PS5 Director’s Digital Deluxe Edition for just $ 10. Additionally, you can purchase any version of Death Stranding on PS4 to get Death Stranding Director’s Cut Digital Deluxe Edition for PS5 upgrade for the same price. A $ 10 fee isn’t too unreasonable considering the upgrades on offer, but it’s still weird that games like Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima charge for the PS5 upgrade when Final Fantasy 7 Remake was able to offer it for free. .

Boor closed the post by stating that more information will be available on Death Stranding Director’s Cut in the coming weeks ahead of the title’s September 24 release.

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