Did you know? Tesla has the same AMD technology for car screens as in Playstation 5

Tesla cars are as much about technology as they are about battery-powered automotive excellence. As such, it should come as no real surprise to anyone that the rear entertainment unit in the latest Tesla S and Tesla X vehicles have the same AMD RDNA 2 GPUs that are also found in other high-end devices, including the latest Playstation 5.

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While Tesla had previously confirmed that the screen inside its Model S and Model X had a powerful gaming computer, AMD recently confirmed that its RDNA 2 GPUs are inside the vehicle. You’re here. The chipmaker says it is one of the most powerful units it has ever made and has a wide range of applications – from laptops to the PS5 and even indoors. Tesla vehicles.

Reports suggest that when it comes to Tesla vehicles, a key requirement is that the technology not only be ultra powerful, but also ultra efficient, so as not to burden the range capabilities of the electric vehicle. And maybe this is where AMD’s option became viable.

Tesla has bridged the gap between what a car can do and what modern electric vehicles are capable of. While performance, range, and safety are obvious areas of focus, the California-based company has also made a big bet on in-car entertainment. And that includes games.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, autonomous driving technology would open up more possibilities for passengers and this is where in-car games are likely to be very interesting.

Some Tesla models already offer a few pretty basic games, but with better integrated chips and processors, the reach may well be extended more than ever.

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