Does Joel Osteen pay taxes? Legally he can use these breaks

It’s a tale as old as time: a grieving religious figurehead who preaches peace, love and positivity for your neighbor, while acting as if he is an emissary for the one true God.

Not only do these people want you to believe that they are carrying the Lord’s message and doing the Lord’s work, but they want you to fork out your hard earned money so that you can help them keep up the good fight.

Many believe in the mega-preacher Joel osteen is that kind of person, and people want to know: does he pay taxes?

Does Joel Osteen pay taxes?

While copies of his tax returns are not publicly available, and they probably never will be (I mean Donald Trump was president and how long did it take for his returns to be released?), There is chances are Joel Osteen is. pay very little in taxes.

Here’s the thing: Joel is classified as a member of the clergy, which means any salary he earns as a member of the clergy is taxable.

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However, Joel is a senior pastor at Lakewood Church and decided to give up his annual salary of $ 200,000 per year from the church in 2005. Joel is a resident of Texas, one of the nine states. – United who has no income tax.

Joel and his wife are both subject to the payment of federal income tax, however, there are likely many ways the couple can either drastically ease or avoid paying this money.

Joel says all of his income comes from book sales and he earns an average of $ 3.5 million each year from those book sales and other religious events / businesses.

Since he is a member of Lakewood Church, Joel can technically receive a bunch of stipends and stipends for his travel and accommodation. These funds are not taxable.

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Theoretically, he may also have credit cards and other expense accounts through the church that he is not required to pay taxes on. Lakewood Church is a huge, lucrative entity with an annual budget of around $ 90 million, so it’s crazy to think it doesn’t have a top-tier legal and accounting team making sure that everything is fine, especially on paper. .

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The money came through the Paycheck Protection Program and while Congress denied some small businesses access to the loan, churches and other places of worship were included in the P3 initiative.

What is Joel Osteen’s net worth?

According to Rich genius, Joel Osteen managed to accumulate a net worth of $ 100 million as of 2021. And although he has been the subject of controversy in the past, he has not encountered any major legal issues, even though he is. the religious face of a non-profit organization, but which it manages to make so much money.

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However, other mega-church pastors have not been so lucky. Kirbyjon caldwell was in fact sentenced to six years in prison for allegedly “cheating” people of millions of dollars in the name of God.

According to WILX, the senior pastor of the United Methodist Church in the village of Windsor in Houston called on people from his 14,000-member congregation to invest in a Chinese bond scam.

The bonds were of no financial value and he allegedly used the roughly $ 3.5 million to finance his debts, mortgages and loans, as well as to supplant his lifestyle and pay off his credit cards. He was ordered to pay over $ 3,588,500 and was fined $ 125,000.

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