Dragon Quest 8 is expected to come to Xbox Game Pass

Dragon Quest XI was the first Dragon Quest ever to be released on a Microsoft console, and the next title coming to Game Pass is expected to be Dragon Quest VIII.

On December 4, 2020, history was made when the long Dragon quest The series finally debuted on a Microsoft console. Believe it or not, the exit Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age Was the first Dragon quest that could be played on an Xbox. Even now, it is still only accompanied on the Xbox One by Dragon Quest Builders 2, with no news of other ports to come in the pipeline. The recent announcement of the next Dragon Quest XII: Flames of Fate didn’t mention which consoles it would land on, either.

That being said, Microsoft seems happy to tease the possibility of more Dragon quest in their future. Now that the series has hit the Xbox, it’s not too much of a stretch to hope that Dragon Quest XII and the next one Dragon quest iii remake will also make its way to Game Pass. However, there is another even more suitable title for Game Pass that fans will surely be clamoring for: Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.

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Dragon Quest VIII _ Super Smash Bros Ultimate _ Heroes

Dragon Quest VIII is undoubtedly the Final Fantasy VII of the series, considered by many to be the best entry in the franchise that earned Dragon quest International fame. Before VIII, the series was released exclusively under the title dragon warrior in the West. Although North America has dragon warrior securities I through VII, the PS2 output of Dragon Quest VIII established the franchise worldwide. As Final Fantasy VII, Dragon Quest VIII was the series’ entry into 3D graphics. Other Dragon quest pillars have also been established here, such as the transition from a first-person combat camera to a third-person combat camera. Dragon Quest VIIIThe latter’s legacy is evident – VIII‘s Hero is even featured as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Bringing Dragon Quest VIII to Game Pass would also follow a precedent set by Dragon Quest XI. Both titles have received upgraded ports on Nintendo consoles. Dragon Quest XI S debuted on Nintendo Switch in 2019, and this upgraded port returned to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a year later. Likewise, the Nintendo 3DS got an improved port of Dragon Quest VIII in 2017, with new side quests and party members. Although the orchestral soundtrack has been replaced with sequenced audio, various quality of life changes such as quick save and faster combat make the 3DS version the definitive way to experience the game. Dragon Quest VIII has also received ports to Android and iOS, so Square Enix clearly has the will to do VIII more accessible.

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A high definition remaster of Dragon Quest VIII, including updates to the 3DS version, would be amazing on modern consoles. The 3DS and the Switch have proven that Dragon quest is great on the go, but Dragon quest is an equally great adventure when enjoyed on the big screen. VIIIThe cel-shaded graphics would be improved cleanly in HD. The 3DS version’s fast save and speed features would also make getting started and playing just as easy on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X.

Dragon Quest XI and Dragon Quest Builders 2 went straight to Game Pass the day they arrived in the Xbox store. Give the same treatment to Dragon Quest VIII opens up a classic and fundamental JRPG experience to a whole new audience. Old fans and newcomers to the series would enjoy a new adventure in the kingdom of Trodain. If gamers’ demands for backward compatibility and better archiving of games send a message, it’s because classics like Dragon Quest VIII deserve a life beyond the PS2 and mobile devices.

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