Dragon Quest X Offline launches for PS4, PS5, Switch and PC Steam in Japan on February 26, 2022

Square Enix has revealed the release date of Dragon Quest X offline at the Tokyo Game Show 2021. The game will be available in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on February 26, 2022. This release date corresponds to the early 2022 release window initially announced last May.

As the first trailer shows, the biggest difference the offline version compared to the online version will be the chibi-deformed character models. The next offline game will launch with the “Awakening of the Five Tribes” story content from the first release. A major expansion DLC will later add the version 2 story “The Sleeping Hero and the Guided Allies”.

The offline version of the story “The Awakening of the Five Tribes” will have five characters accompanying the protagonist as group members. The player can have up to four active party members during battles. The companions will also have lines voiced by their voice actors from Dragon Quest rivals.

  1. Mesh (VA: Aya Endo)
  2. Fuura (VA: Haruka Shiraishi)
  3. Fusing unit (VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki)
  4. Laguas (VA: Tomoyo Kurosawa)
  5. Duston (VA: Kentaro Ito)

Square Enix has also posted a Q&A page on the game’s official website. It has more details on the upcoming release:

  • The platforms will only have one difference in the processing power of the hardware; the content of the game will be the same.
  • A network connection is only required to download the DLC or update patches; game story can be played without any connection.
  • There may be some changes to the story depending on the lack of online features.
  • The major expansion DLC will be based on the story of version 2 of the online game. It will also be available for purchase separately in the future.
  • Players with a copy of PlayStation 4 can get a PlayStation 5 upgrade for free.
  • Online and offline versions are completely different games, so you cannot transfer save data between them.
  • There will be no cross-platform backup feature on different platforms.

Find the official Dragon Quest X Offline release date trailer below. Square Enix has not yet announced an English localization for this title.

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