Eddy County shares $ 1 million donation with other emergency responders

Eddy County first responders have received the necessary safety equipment to help with emergencies from a pair of organizations in the Permian Basin.

the Permian Basin Strategic Partnership (PSP) and Permian Road Safety Coalition (PRSC) announced a $ 1.1 million equipment donation to first responders in 22 counties in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico, a PSP press release read.

The two organizations participated in a launch event and equipment demonstration on May 26 in Midland, Texas, said Tracee Bentley, CEO and President of PSP.

“This commitment of $ 1.1 million is a continuation of a partnership with PRSC that began in early 2020. We know there is a need for more and better equipment, and this initiative is our chance to answer the call of our first responders, ”she said.

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Bentley said the early response agencies, many of which were made up of volunteers, had limited infrastructure and resources.

“Given the rural environment of many of our communities, it is not uncommon to see responders traveling over an hour by road to respond to calls for help. We want to equip our first responders with the best possible tools for the job as they work tirelessly to protect our citizens, ”she said.

Members of the Northeastern Midland County, Texas Volunteer Fire Department demonstrate the use of safety equipment during a protest on May 26, 2021. Eddy County received a portion of a $ 1 million investment from two organizations in the Permian Basin for the purchase of rescue equipment.

Eddy County Fire Department (ECFS) Director Josh Mack said the county volunteer fire departments were fortunate to be included in the initial phase of the program.

“We have already seen the positive impact of the equipment on the pitch. Know how much we value the positive collaboration between industry and first responders, it really makes a difference every day, ”he said.

The partnership funded emergency equipment such as battery-powered ‘life jaws’, fire extinguishers, mobile lighting tools and rescue helicopter landing zone kits and related training for first responders. premises or pre-positioned closer to remote areas of activity requiring these resources. , indicates the press release of the PSP.

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“This distribution of equipment benefits law enforcement and firefighters by giving them the tools they need to respond more effectively to crises, thereby strengthening the emergency response system and saving lives,” said Bentley.

She added that the increase in industrial traffic has put pressure on road infrastructure across the region, making road safety and emergency response an immediate concern for all who travel on our roads.

Scott Scheffler, executive director of the PRSC, said his organization was honored to be part of the initiative from the start.

Life jaws used at a protest on May 26, 2021 in Midland, Texas.

“We want to thank all of the first responders and local government leaders for their leadership throughout this initiative as we all work together to save lives on our Permian roads,” he said.

Energy companies in the Permian Basin have expressed support for PSPs, PSBs and emergency responders.

“Permian Basin first responders play a vital and heroic role every day in this vast region. As a founding member of the PSP and PRSC, Chevron is proud to support this initiative, which helps ensure these brave men and women have the equipment they need to do this important and life-saving work, ”said Jeff Gustavson, Vice-President. , Chevron Mid-Continent Business Unit.

Keith Trasko, vice president and general manager of EOG Resources in Midland, said the safety of employees, contractors and community leaders is a top priority.

“Providing our first responders with this state-of-the-art equipment further enhances their capabilities, and EOG is delighted to support this initiative,” he said.

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