Even N’Golo Kante got angry while playing

As many people know, Fifa and EA Sports have announced that the naming rights to the long-running game series will not be renewed.

It ends a partnership that spanned nearly three decades and brings a new identity to one of the most well-known games in history.

These games have been enjoyed for years, both with friends and online. It’s there for everyone, whether it’s a hardcore gamer with the best Ultimate Team every year, or a casual gamer who picks up the controller once or twice a year to play with their friends.

There’s something for everyone, including quiet, offline experiences in Career Mode, where you grow at your own pace, or more frenetic online time in Pro and FUT Clubs.

It is not uncommon for footballers themselves to choose the FIFA franchise and play either. When injured, professionals have been known to jump on the game and even broadcast it to fans.

Any footballer depicted in the game who plays receives a 99-rated Ultimate Team item, suggesting footballers returning to play are encouraged.

Some footballers, such as Sergio Aguero and Diogo Jota, have pledged to create Twitch channels around the game, but one player you might not expect to be involved with is N’Golo Kante.

Seen on Callum Hudson-Odoi’s Snapchat story, Kante was caught reacting to his matches with his England teammate.

Callum couldn’t hold back his joy of playing three games against the French defensive midfielder and winning all three.

As the video started, the Englishman was 4-0 up against Kante at half-time, prompting an unusual response from the still-smiling man.


Kante has a reputation as a wholesome and humble guy. This goes hand in hand with his world-class ability on the pitch and jaw-dropping trophy cabinet.

It’s about to end Soccer from a silverware perspective, but those skills don’t translate as well to the virtual field.

Once down 4-0, Kante turned off the PlayStation consoles and leaves, while Callum Hudson-Odoi laughs uncontrollably.

FIFA is known for its ability to infuriate players, but it’s a whole new step for the franchise to step into N’Golo Kante’s shoes.

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