Expand your PlayStation 5 memory

Getting a PlayStation 5 is still not easy, but every week more and more gamers are finally owning the device at home. The PlayStation 5 is already equipped with a large amount of memory (825 GB), but games need it more and more. From tomorrow you can finally expand this.

why do you do that? Because then you have more space on your system. 825 GB may be a lot: it fills up quickly too. The operating system alone takes up 158 GB… so an SSD drive is certainly no luxury. Also keep in mind that more and more people are taking in-game screenshots, or even recording entire videos of their friends, their YouTube channel, or just their egos (you need to capture those winning moments well. for “future generations”, right?).

M.2 SSD for PlayStation 5

There will be an update tomorrow on Sony’s latest console that will allow you to use M.2 SSDs to store information. You cannot use all SSDs, because the speed must be 5.5Gbps, and the device itself cannot be wider than 22mm and no more than 11.25mm. It should also have between 250GB and 4TB of storage space and come equipped with a heat sink. Examples of SSD drives that can be: Samsung 980 Pro, Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s, Seagate Firecuda 530, Western Digital Black SN850.

This is how you expand your memory

It’s not about connecting a USB cable to the PlayStation 5 – you need a screwdriver for that. You need to remove the console cover and remove the SSD bracket that you find in front of the inner trench with a screwdriver. Once the installation is complete, you can either download the games directly to your new storage or transfer the games you previously downloaded to disk.

Further possibilities thanks to the firmware update

The update also makes a difference between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the games on the home screen. You can identify them with a specific code for each version. In the game library, you will also first see the games that you have already installed, so you don’t want to open a game and then find out that you first have to wait another half hour until it is finished. is already on your console.

In addition, it is also possible to hear 3D audio through the speakers. You can activate DualSense microphone to measure room acoustics for better audio experience. The good things, then, that come on PlayStation 5, with more room for games and especially with PlayStation Now, which is not at all a luxury.

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