Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 upgrade announced for PS Plus owners

Own a PlayStation 4 version via PlayStation Plus? You’re lucky.

Final fantasy is an iconic JRPG. In the several decades it has been available, fans have praised the various installments. While there are many beloved installments, one in particular that fans have held above the rest is Final fantasy 7. Fortunately, it took several years but eventually Square Enix released a Final Fantasy 7 remake. For quite a while now, the game was only available on PlayStation consoles, but that has recently changed. That’s not the only thing that changes for the game’s installment. Today we find out that an upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version is coming if you own a PlayStation 4 copy of PlayStation Plus.

With the game being as popular as it got, there were a ton of expected fans keen to dive into a remake. Fortunately, fans even got a chance to get the game thanks to a recent deal with PlayStation Plus. Fans were hoping that this remake offered via PlayStation Plus would eventually see an upgrade for those on the PlayStation 5 console platform. While that wasn’t the case, it looks like there’s a change of heart. . Those of you who own a copy through PlayStation Plus will find a PlayStation 5 upgrade offer this week.

A new tweet from the official Final Fantasy 7 remake The Twitter account confirmed that there will be an upgrade offer on December 22, 2021. This would allow players to use features of the PlayStation 5, such as faster loading and a photo mode. This also comes with a sale for the Intermission DLC. Hopefully this should spark some interest in the startup Final fantasy 7 Redo again.

Meanwhile, the game has just been ported to the PC platform as well. This port alone has reported issues, which will hopefully be gone soon. Either way, those on Xbox consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch are waiting to see if the game will eventually come out or not. To make matters worse for these platforms, this is only the first part of a remake. We’re not sure if there will be a long delay or an exclusive platform deal for the next installment.


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