Five ways a Sony PSP 5G could beat the Nintendo Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch Pro is one of the worst-kept secrets in the gaming industry right now, with a whole slew of leaks pointing to a new 4K-capable DLSS handheld with an improved display, more internal hardware. powerful and a brand new design coming out later this year.

The Nintendo Switch Pro looks set on paper to seamlessly continue the BigN’s dominance in the portable gaming market, with the next-gen console joining the original Nintendo Switch and the more streamlined Nintendo Switch Lite.

What is not One of the gaming industry’s less well-kept secrets, by comparison, is the Sony PSP 5G, which is the super-secret Skunk Works-style project the Japanese console maker is currently working on to complement the PS5 and the PlayStation VR 2.

Nothing concrete is known yet about the PSP 5G, if it exists, but as T3 wrote on Sony seems perfectly positioned to launch such a system thanks to its competences at the scale of the company. And, if it does, those are the five things we think it could do with the delivery in order to beat the Nintendo Switch Pro.

1. Stream 5G compatible games

No leaks or rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro mentioned that it came with a 5G modem and, in layman’s terms, it seems unbelievably the next generation handheld is unlikely to provide this functionality. Nintendo is a very conservative company historically and doesn’t have the technology in its own wheelhouse, indicating an absence of 5G on Pro.

On the contrary, however, Sony is a Master 5G technology, embedded in many aspects of its business, from professional cameras to mobile phones. As such, it would, on paper, very It’s easy for the Japanese firm to add a 5G chip to a handheld game console and unlock real handheld games, with no game cart, digital download, or WiFi connection needed to play.

2. Allow PS5 games to be played on the go

Nintendo seems firmly committed to a first approach to the game cart delivery system, and it seems highly unlikely that it will abandon that with Nintendo Switch Pro.

Now, the last time Sony tried a portable console, which was the PS Vita, it made a number of mistakes, but one of the biggest was that it relied heavily on proprietary software, which didn’t. was not abundant enough to build momentum.

If Sony released a streaming-focused 5G PSP, this console could work any game that already existed on the PlayStation Store, including PS5 games.

After all, with games being powered by remote hardware and then streamed to the PSP 5G, the handheld wouldn’t need its own powerful local hardware. This means that it wouldn’t need any proprietary games and instead could be another way to play PS5 games, but on the go.

3. Deliver a unified PlayStation Store experience

Although Sony reversed its decision, streamlining its virtual store offering can only be seen as a good thing – and also something that would make it easier to introduce a PSP 5G console.

After all, if the 5G PSP was just some kind of dumb terminal with controls, screen and 5G modem and was capable of streaming any PlayStation games, then it makes sense that it would have access to a unified PlayStation software store, apart from VR titles it would be able to run whatever.

It would be great for PS5 gamers as they could browse the games in store on their PSP 5G or PS5 and not that they could play it, that there would be no message “sorry you need this material to play “hidden on the product page.

In contrast, the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, which will no doubt continue to use the Nintendo eShop, will have to deal with the fact that different consoles will have different technical capabilities. Some games, including new flagship titles, will look and perform better on Nintendo Switch Pro than Nintendo Switch Lite, for example.

And that could lead to a more messy and less unified offering in the Nintendo Store, with some games not even being able to play on older Switch consoles.

4. Comes with a PlayStation Now trial

Another area where Sony may not be a master but certainly has strong skills is in its online game streaming platform PlayStation Now, which Nintendo does not come close to at all in terms of its. own offer via Nintendo Switch.

And, since the PSP 5G would be a handheld console relying primarily on streaming, tight syncing to PS Now makes sense and, really, a match made in heaven. After all, while Xbox Game Pass is the gold standard when it comes to Netflix subscription services for games, the Xbox platform doesn’t have a handheld console option.

If the PSP 5G not only provided seamless access to PS Now, but actually came with a free trial (for a month, for example), gamers would, on day one, have access to a catalog of hundreds of the best games to play with. to play. There wouldn’t be a “well, I can only afford one or two games at launch” problem, because players would have instant access to hundreds.

Again, this would contrast very nicely with the Nintendo Switch Pro, which would charge full prices for each title purchased.

5. Reduce the cost of Nintendo Switch Pro

And, speaking of software value, another area where the PSP 5G could do better than the Nintendo Switch Pro is in terms of hardware cost.

All the leaks point to a Nintendo Switch dripping with local hardware, in the console, upgraded hardware – and advanced hardware, too. It all costs money, and with the original Nintendo Switch debuting for $ 299.99 / £ 299.99 / AU $ 469.95, it seems very likely that the Nintendo Switch Pro will sell for the same price. , if not, more. Indeed, the most advertised price for Nintendo Switch Pro is $ 399.99 / £ 399.99 / around AU $ 570.

The PSP 5G, however, wouldn’t need all that expensive internal hardware. A chassis, a set of controls, a display, and a 5G modem, perhaps with an SD card slot for digital game storage, is all that would be needed. And that would come in a lot cheaper. Just look at how cheap 5G phones are these days to see what might be possible. You can buy a quality 5G phone now for around $ 200 / £ 200 / AU $ 400 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a PSP 5G launch at $ 199 / £ 199 / approx. AU $ 300 accordingly.

And, at that price, the PSP 5G could be half the cost of Nintendo Switch Pro and come with hundreds of ready-to-use games to play.

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