Former Xbox Mobile Engineer and Business Partner Deploys NFT ATMs

Key ideas:

  • The idea of ​​NFT ATMs was to generalize the adoption of NFT.
  • To set up the NFT marketplaces, Solana was chosen for its low cost.
  • More NFT ATMs would be rolled out beyond New York.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Jordan Birnholtz, CMO of Neon and former Xbox Mobile game engineer Kyle Zappitell, talked about the idea behind their NFT ATM.

Similar to the operation of traditional ATMs, this NFT ATM also allows a person to purchase NFT using fiat directly.

New York Gets Solana’s NFTs

The idea of ​​​​creating such an experience came to the developers during lunch and decided to pursue it.

Anyone with access to just a debit or credit card could go to an NFT ATM. Once the transaction was completed, boxes containing unique codes would be distributed, which could then be redeemed on Neon’s platform.

However, the biggest motivator, in this case, is the element of surprise, as a user would not know which NFTs they would be receiving.

The team further explained that they chose the Solana blockchain to facilitate the NFT market. Adding to the same, Jordan Birnholtz said:

“We believe Solana is the best channel to rely on because it’s inexpensive to run, opening up huge opportunities for more creators, and carbon neutral.”

Additionally, Jordan said it plans to expand these NFT ATMs to other cities as well. At the same time, more artists would also be integrated. On the prospect of what the future holds for NFTs, Jordain reiterated,

“NFTs will enable a variety of visual, multimedia and performing artists to create new ways to connect with and monetize their audiences,”

Demand for NFT plummets

While Solana is a better bet for being cheap, NFTs’ on-chain performance hasn’t been particularly enticing.

Daily NFT transactions on NFT marketplaces appear to have decreased significantly over the past couple of weeks. The fall is led by the largest Solana NFT marketplace, MagicEden, where sales fell from 180,000 to 3.7,000 today.

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