Games Inbox: will Microsoft win E3 2021 with Xbox?

Will 2021 be the year of the Xbox? (photo: Microsoft)

The Friday Inbox isn’t a fan of the protagonists of Days Gone or Horizon Zero Dawn, as one reader is concerned about Battlefield’s new boss.

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You can’t win E3 if you’re not at E3
I have to say, suddenly Sony seems surprisingly weak. No E3 event and they are forced to announce that God Of War has been delayed and he and Gran Turismo 7 are both on PlayStation 4. No real encouragement to buy a PlayStation 5, is there not ?

Yes Horizon Forbidden West looked awesome, but I’ll always wonder how much better it could have been if he hadn’t had to worry about its design also working on the PlayStation 4. What’s going on? it if someone wanted to use the SSD to do something that was impossible on the last generation? They just couldn’t, unless they wanted the PlayStation 4 version to be completely different. This is why Ratchet & Clank is only next generation.

Horizon Forbidden West (man, I’m tired of typing that already) may look good, but the Xbox Series X is more powerful, so it should be relatively easy for them to outdo it and suddenly, the reasons why a PlayStation 5 is starting to fade away.

The only problem for Microsoft is that Halo Infinite is still likely to disappoint, especially in terms of graphics. They must however have something to show, perhaps Fable. As far as I’m concerned, E3 is theirs to win, although I admit I’m not sure what to think of what Nintendo may or may not have.

The latest exclusivity
So will the new God Of War be the last cross-gen game or will Sony continue this madness for another year or two? I bought my PlayStation 5 to play PlayStation 5 games, not a house halfway between this generation and the last. The only two big budget PlayStation 5 exclusives so far are Demon’s Souls and Returnal and while they’re awesome the second isn’t even that interesting – so why didn’t it get a PlayStation 4 version, I didn’t. have no idea.

The only other one we know of at the moment is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which I have no interest in, and that will probably be next year until we get a real PlayStation 5 exclusive again. are they going to do when they get to God Of War 3 (guess it’s a trilogy)? Suddenly doing the last part only on PlayStation 5 would rightfully annoy people, so they’re stuck for not enjoying next-gen tech for the whole story.

It will be a sad irony if Microsoft ends up having more exclusives just because it takes them so long to do anything that they slip into it next year and don’t look back, as Sony continues. to make random games then gen or not.

Not a sequel
Am I the only one who doesn’t want a Switch Pro to come out? I love my Switch, but I don’t have a lot of time to play and have a moderate backlog of games that I want to complete.

I can’t really justify buying a Switch Pro financially, but I would hate not being able to play the new Zelda without paying £ 400. I feel like Switch technology has a lot of life.

CG: The new console is rumored to be backwards compatible, not the Switch 2 but rather the PS4 Pro (assuming one of the rumors is true). There might be exclusives, but it would be surprising if the new Zelda was one of them.

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Unsaid problem
One thing that I hope they will fix with the Switch Pro is the drift issue. We had our two lefts repaired three times for free, but they died again soon after.

Currently on vacation with friends and all four children’s switches have the same problem. Do you think this is something they will recognize?

CG: They might fix it, but they’ll never explicitly recognize the problem.

Return on investment
What a great Returnal game is! I just beat the final boss and now I’m finishing the endgame stuff. The game is pretty rushed and I loved it, loved it, loved it! One of the best and most successful games I have ever played.

I’m glad there wasn’t a save or easy mode feature as it really wouldn’t have been so satisfying to finish. The plot was also very intriguing, which I did not expect. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s so expensive, because while I think it was worth what I paid for it, a lot of people may be put off to try it. Does GC know how well he is?

CG: We agree on all points. Sony said it was a success in its last financial report, although it certainly didn’t represent it well. It’s a lower budget game than most of Sony’s other first party games, so hopefully it has paid off.

Honest macrotransactions
I just wanted to share my thoughts on the Disgaea mobile RPG. If I can. It’s pretty good. Killia remains a formidable character, of course. I’m a little disappointed that there is no English dub, although I can understand that this probably pushes the boat a bit too far for a mobile game. And the script is a bit clunky, despite being light years away from Disgaea 5. Still quite a distance from Disgaea 4 or 1, though.

I’m playing on a tablet and I can imagine it would be a bit too small on a phone. I quite like how you can upgrade items without a character having to unequip them and that should have been a thing since Disgaea 2 and if not in Disgaea 6 it will be pretty inexcusable.

Of course, it does not have the depth – or breadth – usual of a typical Disgaea experience; only five party members fight, you can’t use healing items and the fight is more like Dragon Quest than itself, but it’s still good.

What you wouldn’t have time to mention, GC, is that the game will also log achievements and milestones for HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SPEND! I’ve only spent a few pounds so far (not worth much to buy), but one of those achievements is listed as “Nickel and Dime” if you buy 16,000 Quartz – their premium currency! Which would cost… a lot. I mean, I guess that’s honest, but damn it guys …

It’s a coup de grace
Are you going to see the new EA Knockout City game again? The game has been out for over a week already but there are strangely very few reviews.

I am currently playing the trial version and enjoying it so far. It has something of a Splatoon vibe with the urban / futuristic setting and it seems to be just as fun and accessible. The feeling of hitting other players with the ball is very satisfying. My only complaint is that the commands are weirdly mapped. That and all of my games have been very lopsided. I also don’t know about the automatic locking. It takes a lot of skill out of the game.
Ali K

CG: There’s usually not much to be gained by reviewing free games at launch, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them.

Script issues
If Sony Bend ever does manage to make a Days Gone sequel, it might be interesting how it could be improved now that John Garvin (the lead writer) isn’t working on it now!

Their Uncharted game on PS Vita was ruined for me by its sub-par script. Nate and Sully weren’t as well written and like Marisa Chase !? In a series that gave us Elena, Chloe, Nadine, and Marlowe – all well-written and capable female characters – Marisa was far from their class, as she was always pointless and boring.

I played Days Gone a bit (it was given to me) but found Deacon St John to be hateful and was completely taken aback by what Sarah saw in him in the first place!

I loved the first Uncharted game but will admit it has its issues and the second game blew it out of the water, but its wonderful jokes made me fall in love with Nate, Elena and Sully and I want to experience more adventures with them. Maybe with a new screenwriter, Sony Bend could give us better written, more likable characters if the show ever got a second chance!
ModelLast Years
PS I totally agree with Vimie that Aloy is boring. I found her too serious and, in addition to being sarcastic, without any real personality. I just couldn’t connect with her, which is why Horizon Zero Dawn is still waiting in my backlog!

CG: We believe that making a new game that shares similarities with Days Gone is the best move for Sony Bend. As you say, there is certainly nothing that would be lost in terms of the characters.

Inbox also works
Looking forward to E3, have a feeling this one is going to be epic.

EA always wanted Battlefield to be its version of Call Of Duty, even though it doesn’t look anything like that and doesn’t quite have the same mass appeal. Obviously DICE doesn’t think the same way, so I’m not surprised EA hired someone from Activision to be responsible.

This week’s hot topic
It’s the start of E3 next weekend, so for this week’s Hot Topic, we’re asking the obvious question: what are you hoping and waiting for to be announced?

Hope and expectation are probably two very different things, this year in particular, but what do you think is likely to reveal, or show in detail for the first time, at E3? What are you most excited to see and why?

What big announcements would you predict in terms of new hardware, business combinations, new services or price cuts?

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