Get a glimpse of the future in Aery – A New Frontier

As AAA games continue to be delayed left, right, and center, this is *check notes* the third Aery game to release in 2022 already. Aery – A New Frontier is out today on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

If you haven’t played a Aery front game, the concept is very simple. You control a flying bird collecting feathers while traveling through these ethereal, dreamlike biomes. This time around, A New Frontier gives players a glimpse into the future of human evolution. There are space stations on strange planets and unusual structures for hovering and drinking.

Collecting feathers will advance the story. Expect to hear about sci-fi happenings and milestones in the future of humanity. Aery – A New Frontier has eight stages to explore this time around.

If this gameplay sounds familiar, it is. Aery follows the same trends set by other EpiXR Games releases such as Murder Diary and fly’s life. Aery – A New Frontier is far less concerned with violent storytelling and disturbing imagery. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by all ages thanks to its kid-friendly storytelling.

Aery – A New Frontier is now available on the Xbox Store for £8.39. Our review is coming soon, but if you’ve ever played an Aery game, you’ll know what to expect.

Description of the game

Aery – A new Frontier is a story-driven 3D flight exploration game where you control a bird-like creature in space and on distant planets. You can observe how humanity slowly evolves, inhabits new planets and discovers the secrets of the galaxy. As you progress through the story, you will be able to see the different stages that humanity has been in at each stage of its evolution. The story itself talks about different events and milestones that have been achieved as well as different happenings in between. You can literally fly through space and time and the different stages of human development. Follow an interesting story through a wonderful and peaceful sci-fi world and enjoy flying speed at the same time. This story-driven game is non-violent so you can enjoy intuitive and relaxing gameplay in 8 different giant stages waiting to be explored.

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