Get an inexpensive Xbox Elite Series 2 controller today

Looking for a new controller to go with your new Xbox Series X | S this holiday season? Want to upgrade your setup for some of the biggest games of the year? You can buy any of the Xbox Core Wireless Controllers on sale or go for a big upgrade. Get the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart now.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

This upgraded version of the original Xbox Elite Controller is a great option for anyone planning longer gaming sessions or a more comfortable, grippy gamepad for those intense boss fights. At $ 139.99, you also get it for $ 40 off the regular price of $ 179.99.

We rated the Xbox Elite Series 2 as the best Xbox One controller overall, highlighting its satisfactory weight and grip. It offers a D-pad and interchangeable joysticks, rear paddle buttons, and adjustable triggers that you can attach via magnetic connectivity.

If you don’t like the default button configuration, you can remap them yourself using Microsoft’s built-in software, and you can connect via Bluetooth for a variety of use cases.

Not quite convinced? Check out our Xbox Elite Series 2 controller review and see why you might want to pay the extra dough for an upgraded controller.

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