God of War director says to blame him for sequel and PS4 release delay

Just a few days ago, PlayStation confirmed that the next entry in the God of War series is delayed until 2021 and will release next year instead. In addition, it was also announced that the project will not be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and will also land on PlayStation 4. This news as a whole has received a mixed reaction from those who have been eagerly awaiting the title. Now the director of 2018 God of the war stepped forward and told fans to blame him for the decisions if they got angry.

On social media recently, Cory Barlog, who was the writer and director of God of the war, said fans should address their frustration (if they have any) to him for all the decisions that have been made in the aftermath. Barlog made the statement after one of the writers at SIE Santa Monica Studio, Alanah Pearce, said she received hate messages following the delay of the new title God of War. “For real all of you, this is bullshit,” Barlog said. “You want to be mad at someone for whatever God of war bound […] be mad at me. I made the calls. I did this. Don’t disturb the team, they are all very good people doing a good job. “

Barlog didn’t stop there, however, and went on to praise the team he works with even more. “Every human in the studio is there precisely because they’re truly exceptional at what they do. We’re better because of them,” he said. “Hell, I’m lucky someone wants to lend their talent and intelligence to my bullshit. For some reason they do and I love them for it.”

While this is a big move to see coming from Barlog, it’s also one of the first times he’s apparently confirmed he’s still the responsible for the upcoming God of War game. Even though it was speculated that he would play an important role in the team making the project again, Barlog has been quite shy about his involvement in what some fans are simply calling God of War: Ragnarok at the moment. Knowing that he is participating again in a major way is not a shock, but it is good to see himself confirmed.

What do you think about the release of the next God of War game next year? And are you also upset that it’s on PS4 and PS5? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter at @ Mooreman12.

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