Gold-plated PS5 consoles are insanely expensive

The PS5 is already in high demand, but these golden consoles could be the luxury items some wealthy gaming fans are looking for.


The Playstation 5 is quite expensive, $ 400 for its discless version and $ 500 with a disc player, but a company decided to increase the value of the latest PlayStation console by making gold parts of it. As if consoles scarcity weren’t already an issue with the original editions, only around 100 golden PS5s will be designed for those with a wallet heavy enough to afford them.

Founded by Caviar, a luxury brand focused on creating ‘smart luxury’ items including 18k gold pods, custom Nikes and diamond encrusted iPhones, the gold-plated and solid gold PlayStation 5s are the company’s newest venture in the game. space. As the name suggests, the gold-plated version covers the two 24k gold faceplates with an embossed ornate pattern that gives the console a luxurious design, priced at $ 12,750.

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As for the solid gold edition, the faceplates are entirely in 18k yellow gold, embossed with the same ornate motif as the gold-plated version. While they may look similar, the solid gold PS5 costs a lot more at $ 352,770. Both versions come with a custom ebony backing that features a gold Caviar logo as well as a black leather DualSense controller with gold joysticks: 24k plated for the gold plated version and solid 18k gold sticks for the solid gold edition.


Those with a wallet big enough to afford the luxury consoles should act quickly as only 99 gold-plated PS5s have been made. The solid gold version, on the other hand, is much rarer as Caviar only made five systems in commemoration of the PS5 being Sony’s fifth home console.

While there is no guarantee that Caviar will make more PS5s once the company sells all 104 models, it is possible that it will make more at some point in the future as these are not the first. Gold PS5 to be made by the luxury brand. Earlier this year, Caviar made a “Golden Rock” PS5 that also featured 18k gold on its faceplates. The model is no longer available on the website, so it looks like someone has bought the luxury console.

Whether gold or plastic, the rarity of the PlayStation 5 is still an issue and it looks like consoles will still not be in regular stock until 2022 due to the computer chip shortage caused by the pandemic in Classes. . While PS5 Caviar can be bought pretty much anytime, it seems most PlayStation fans desperate for a PS5 aren’t desperate enough to spend more than $ 10,000 on one.

The Playstation 5 is available now.

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Source: PS5 Gold Plated Caviar, PS5 Solid Gold Caviar, LetsGoDigital

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