GTA 5 was the second most downloaded PS5 title in Europe in March, thanks to the next-gen release

GTA 5 became the second most downloaded PlayStation 5 game in Europe and the fourth most downloaded game in the United States and Canada. In the UK it has been downloaded more than Elder Ring, the hugely popular new game in the Soulsborne franchise.

This data is from the end of March and the sales figures refer to the last re-release of the game on next-gen consoles. However, the re-release was not the only release to achieve this success. In March, GTA 5 was also the sixth most downloaded PlayStation 4 game in the United States, Canada and Europe.

GTA 5 manages to maintain its PlayStation 5 market share in Europe

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been re-released as a New Enhanced Edition for next-gen consoles – the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. This exclusive and enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was originally announced as the Extended and Enhanced Edition.

However, Rockstar quickly dropped the term, and since then gamers have simply referred to it as the Next-Gen Edition. It has several exclusive features like a new car shop called Hao’s Special Works and new vehicles to modify in the shop.

Despite fan skepticism and initial hostility towards this edit when the trailer dropped, Rockstar managed to pull it off. The game ranked in the top three in the UK and Europe, while in the US and Canada it was ranked in the top ten.

Meanwhile, in the United States and Canada, Red Dead Redemption 2 was the 14th most downloaded PS4 game. However, he didn’t even break into the European top 20.

How much does Rockstar continue to earn from gaming?

Rockstar also launched a new subscription service called GTA+ after the re-release. This was also met with skepticism and hostility, and it is currently unknown how profitable this venture will be. However, Rockstar and Take-Two still earn a lot of GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto 5 manages to generate around $1 billion in revenue every year. The game has raked in almost $6 billion since its release in 2013. Much of that is mostly due to Grand Theft Auto Online, where Shark Card purchases alone bring in around $800 million a year.

The new subscription model also offers excellent discounts on Shark cards as well as bonuses. This could attract many potential new players, as several of these players have started playing the next-gen version. The game’s digital revenue accounted for 88% of Take-Two Interactive’s revenue in the prior quarter.

Meanwhile, the announcement of GTA 6 has also sparked new interest in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. One can only speculate how much revenue the next game will bring to Rockstar and Take-Two.

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