GTA Online to Nerf Los Santos’ Deadliest Vehicles

With the release of GTA 5 and, by extension, GTA online on the PlayStation 5 this week, gamers are in a particularly irritable mood. While we’ve found the community has mellowed a lot over the past few years on the PS4, we’re falling apart in seconds while minding our own business in Los Santos right now. We don’t recommend trying to sell freight for a few weeks.

Rockstar is on the case, however. A pointed note at the bottom of the developer’s latest blog post states that it “will be making further adjustments across all versions of the game, in addition to rebalancing other areas – such as vehicles commonly used in PvP combat.” Some of the most popular vehicles in the game include the Oppressor Mk 2, which has unbeatable mobility and pretty powerful lock-on rockets.

The studio has worked to reduce the superiority of certain vehicles in the game, with the addition of exclusive improvements to the Agency it allowed you to effectively jam the lock radars and reduce the fortune of sorrows. However, it looks like he’s ready to change the effectiveness of these pimping troll mobiles outright, and we’re fascinated to see his approach.

If you’ve just picked up GTA Online and aren’t sure where to start, we recommend taking a look at our GTA Online Guide through the link. You might want to think twice before choosing some of the Best cars and vehicles to buyhowever – it looks like Rockstar may be putting the brakes on their effectiveness soon.

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