How much does a PlayStation 5: Holiday 2021 buying guide cost

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With the latest rounds of PlayStation Plus titles and the PlayStation Store holiday sales looking to be giving new players plenty to enjoy at the start of the new year, a next-gen PlayStation 5 console sure looks like a worthwhile gift for everyone. player.

Here’s a vacation 2021 buying guide for those wondering how much a PlayStation 5 currently costs in North America.

Of course, the first thing to note is which console best suits your wants and needs – the most “budget” PS5 digital edition ($ 399.99 USD MSRP) or the full-fledged flagship PS5 (499 , $ 99 USD MSRP).

The main difference is of course the price and the slimmer profile of the Digital Edition, given that it costs less and is a bit smaller due to the lack of a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc player. , and therefore the possibility of reading the physical editions. games.

In a perfect world, considering those design comparisons would be all shoppers should think about before heading to one of the major retailers and checking out. However, this is simply not the case.

Since virtually all next-gen consoles sold out within moments of restocking, Sony or Microsoft didn’t need to run specials for their respective deals.

The PS5, in particular, is known to be difficult to buy and tends to be subject to outrageous markups from third-party dealers due to its coveted status. Those who haven’t been lucky enough to get one may need to do a little extra work if they want one this month.

The most credible and reliable way to check the status of your stock is through the retailers themselves. Whether it’s viewing individual PS5 listings or checking out verified public channels for the preferred retailer – Target, Costco, Amazon, etc. Stock.

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