How to fix Apex Legends “server shutdown” error on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

One frustrating error that has plagued Apex Legends fans for years is the internal server shutdown error that kicks them out of the game. Here’s how you can fix it.

Apex Legends Season 10 brought a plethora of new content to explore, but it also posed a few issues. The new Legend Seer has been nerfed to master, and Octane is facing some audio issues.

A common issue that plagues Apex Legends players since the battle royale was first launched is the internal “server shutdown” error that excludes them from the game.

How to fix the “shutting down server” internal server error in Apex Legends

As you can guess by the name, encountering this error means that an exception has occurred on the Apex Legends server that has not been managed or that has prevented the game from recovering.

Thus, the connected players are disconnected from the game and receive this message. Then it reboots with the same code base, so the problem may repeat itself. You will not be able to join a game until the issue is resolved.

If you can’t wait to get back into a match, there are a few different workarounds you can try.

Check the status of Apex Legends servers

apex legends servers

If you get the “shutting down server” internal server error message before being kicked out of a game, it’s probably a problem with the servers that the developers will need to fix.

While the servers have been fairly stable since the launch of Season 10, you may still run into this issue. Luckily, we’ve got a great way for you to check the status of the Apex Legends server.

You will need to be patient and refresh the server status every few minutes to see if it is still online. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon enough and you can resume a match soon.

Check your internet connection

Returning to Apex Legends

While the internal server “shutting down” error message probably means the problem is on the developer side, you’ll want to make sure the problem isn’t with your device connecting.

Check your connection status in Settings, and if you are not properly connected, you may need to reset your internet device. Once the connection is reestablished, you will be able to play again.

Make sure you have the latest Apex Legends update

Apex Legends Octane

Sometimes errors like this can be caused by a bug that came with the latest Apex Legends patch. When this happens, Respawn often implements a fix through a new update patch.

You can check for updates on the Apex Legends page in the store, but you probably won’t have to, as the game will notify you. You might have an update queued up that you need to download.

It might not have downloaded right away due to your connectivity issues or your storage is full. If it is the latter, you will need to manually delete any unimportant items that are taking up space on your device.

This covers all the different ways you can fix the internal server “shutting down” error in Apex Legends. Don’t forget to also check how to fix Apex Legends shader loading and compilation issue.

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