How to Pair a PS4 Controller


Whether you want to pair your first or second DualShock 4 controller, Sony’s PlayStation 4 makes the whole pairing process easy. We’ll show you how to sync your controller with your console in this guide.

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Pair your primary DualShock 4 controller to your PS4

To pair the first controller to your console, you’ll use your controller’s USB cable to connect it to the PS4.

To start the process, plug one end of your controller’s USB cable into the USB port on the front of your PS4.

Plug one end of the cable into the PS4's USB port.

Plug the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on your controller.

Plug the other end of the cable into the controller.

Your controller and your PS4 are now connected. Turn on your PS4 by pressing the power button.

Press the PS4 power button.

Your console will assign your controller to the first user account. Press the PS button on your controller and you can then choose your user account or create a new one. Have fun playing with your newly paired controller!

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Pair a secondary DualShock 4 controller to your PlayStation 4

Your PS4 allows you to connect up to four controllers at a time. To add a secondary controller to your console, you don’t need the USB cable.

Using your paired controller, from the main PS4 screen, select “Settings”.


Scroll down the “Settings” page and choose “Devices”.

To select

Select “Bluetooth Devices”.

head in

On your new controller, press and hold the PS and Share buttons for about five seconds. Your controller will appear on your PS4 screen. Select it to pair it.

Press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the controller.

Your new controller is now paired with your PS4 and you can use it to play your games and perform other tasks on your console.

Troubleshoot PS4 controller issues

If your pairing process didn’t go well and you’re having trouble with your DualShock 4 controller, here are some tips for successfully pairing your controller with your PS4.

Problem 1: PS4 controller light not turning on

If the light on your controller doesn’t come on and stays off, there’s probably a battery problem. Your controller might be out of battery, which is why it can’t turn on or pair with your console.

In this case, connect the controller to your PS4 using a USB cable and let it charge for a while. After a few minutes, try pairing it with your console.

Problem 2: DualShock 4 controller not pairing with PS4

If the light on your controller turns on but it doesn’t pair with your console, reset your controller settings to possibly resolve the issue.

To do this, first unplug your controller from your console. On the back of your controller, near the L2 button, you will see a small hole. In this hole, insert a small tool (like a paperclip) and press the reset button inside. Hold the button for five seconds.

Reset the PS4 controller.

Your controller is now reset and you can begin the pairing process.

Problem 3: No vibration on PS4 controller

Your DualShock 4 controller vibrates during certain actions in certain games. If this doesn’t happen, your console has likely disabled the feature.

You can turn the vibration option back on by going to Settings > Devices > Controller on your PS4 and turning on “Enable Vibration”.

To light up

And that’s all.

Besides the controllers, did you know that you can manage your PS4 with your phone? See our guide on how to set this up.

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