How to use a keyboard and mouse on a PS4

  • You can use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4, but not all games support it.
  • To use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4, connect them to the USB ports or use Bluetooth.
  • Some companies make keyboards and mice specifically for the PlayStation.
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Every game on your PlayStation 4 is designed to be played with the default controller, called Dualshock 4. It’s a well-made controller, and for most games, it’s a great option.

But if you’re used to playing PC games, you might miss the precision of a keyboard and mouse. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave this feeling behind.

Can you use a keyboard and mouse with your PS4?

The PS4 supports keyboard and mouse commands, sometimes.

Some games can be played with a keyboard and mouse, but many don’t. In fact, most won’t – some will even ban you from multiplayer if you use them, as a keyboard and mouse give you a competitive advantage over players using a controller.

Few games natively support keyboard and mouse, but you will be be able to use them to navigate system menus and use the PS4 web browser. This is useful if you are using your console for sound


applications or as a replacement for a computer, rather than a dedicated game console.

ps4 pc gaming keyboard

The PS4 has many of the same applications as your computer.

Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

So which PS4 games To do supports keyboard and mouse? This isn’t a complete list, but here are some of the most popular games you can play on your PS4 with a keyboard and mouse.

  • Monitoring
  • Fortnite
  • DayZ
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Minecraft
  • Warframe

Before purchasing a game to play with a keyboard and mouse, check the manual to see if the game supports it.

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to your PS4

The steps for connecting a keyboard and mouse with USB cables are a little different from using


to connect wirelessly.

USB keyboard and mouse

To connect a wired controller and mouse to your PS4, simply plug them into one of the available USB ports on the front. You will still be able to use a standard wireless PlayStation controller when you do.

When you plug in the keyboard and mouse, your PS4 will ask you which profile you want to use the device with – choose which profile you will use.

If you run out of USB ports available, the Playstation also supports USB hubs like the Anker USB 10-Port Hub, which lets you plug in nearly a dozen devices using a single port.

anker 10 port usb hub

The PS4 supports USB hubs, like the one pictured here.


Many keyboard manufacturers such as Logitech also provide USB ports in their keyboards themselves, which means you can plug your mouse into your keyboard and then the keyboard into the console.

Wireless keyboard and mouse

The Playstation also supports Bluetooth. Once connected to a profile, go to the Settings menu, select Devices, then Bluetooth devices. If your keyboard or mouse is in pairing mode, you should see the device waiting to be connected. If not, put it in pairing mode first.

the "Devices" menu on a PS4, with the "Bluetooth" highlighted option.

Head to your PS4’s Bluetooth menu.

Sony; William Antonelli / Insider

Best keyboard and mouse for PS4

In general, the best keyboard and mouse combo to use with your PlayStation 4 is the combo you use on your computer. Nothing beats a well-designed gaming mouse and keyboard.

If you’re looking to buy something new, check out our recommendations for the best mouse you can buy, as well as the best keyboards.

Otherwise, there are also some keyboard and mouse combinations specially designed for the PlayStation 4. One of them is the HORI Programmable Keyboard and Mouse. Instead of letters or numbers, its keys are designed to let you control games and navigate menus.

HORI ps4 keyboard and mouse

The HORI keyboard and mouse are specially designed for the PS4.


There are also products, called keyboard and mouse adapters, that allow you to use your keyboard and mouse for games that would not normally accept them. But some games consider these adapters to be cheat, and they can be much more expensive than a new controller. The XIM APEX, for example, costs around $ 100.

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