Inbox: Nintendo Switch vs PS4, Mass Effect 4 Budget and Zool Memories

The Friday Inbox is convinced that Zelda: Skyward Sword is better on Switch than on Wii, as one reader is eagerly awaiting Psychonauts 2.

If Hollywood made movies on video game consoles that would seem too ridiculous to invent, let alone what happened. If the Switch beats the PlayStation 4, which it can do quite easily, then it’ll be the second best-selling home console of all time, behind only the PlayStation 2 – which it doesn’t have much of a chance of. beat (the PlayStation 2 basically had no competition in its generation so it’s almost untouchable).

Reading the latest Nintendo sales figures is simply unreal. At the end of the Wii U era, this company was on the ropes. They had completely squandered their success with the Wii and were forced to humiliate themselves by making mobile games to make money. Now, four years later, the Switch is well on its way to being their greatest console of all time and there’s a good chance it’ll end up beating the PlayStation 4 and winning the generation, though Sony has more three years in advance.

I don’t think it even matters whether Switch Pro comes out or not. Nintendo only has to sell an additional 27 million Switches to beat the PlayStation 4 and it will be making a good chunk of it this Christmas with the OLED Switch. Personally, after that, I’d rather they would go ahead and make a good Switch 2, but I won’t do anything as pointless as trying to predict Nintendo.

That’s on average 20 million per year! However, you know that with Nintendo it has never been so consistent. Who would have thought they would have gone from the mainstream success of the Wii to the utter failure of the Wii U to even greater success with the Switch. Never count them but never really count on them for anything, good or bad – it’s always unpredictable, except for the quality of the games.

Highs and lows
So what you’re saying is that in a generation or two Nintendo will be able to boast of selling over a billion video game consoles? Crazy. I’m also impressed that Sony has “caught up” so quickly, although I guess there were really only two “correct” generations before the PlayStation and they both had overall sales. lower than what we are used to today. Still 800 million consoles in 40 years, it’s pretty incredible.

Considering that the Xbox is only a generation behind Sony, its tally is quite a disappointment, although there has never been a portable Xbox, which knocks it down a bit. Microsoft still has a lot to overcome, and they’ve spent the last generation spinning their wheels, but for now, all three are in a good position.

Platform ranking
It might be a bit early, but do you already have your copy of Psychonauts 2 review? I am dizzy with impatience. The former isn’t my favorite platform game (which goes to Rayman Legends or any of the Mario Galaxies), but it’s my favorite game which could be categorized as a platform game (if that makes sense).

I’m still in disbelief that we have a sequel. Hope my namesake will make an appearance.
Dogen GC’s Brain: It makes sense. We do not yet know what the embargo will be for the review.

Stunned Amiga
With the announcement of Zool’s return, I think it’s a shame that the Amiga and Atari ST classics are very rarely reissued these days. And when they do, it’s the lower DOS versions. I’d love to see developers like Digital Eclipse do the job with some of these classics, to make Amiga versions work on modern consoles and PCs. Stunt Car Racer, Lemmings, Walker, Space Crusade, Hired Guns, Dungeon Master, Brian The Lion, Sleepwalker, Soccer Kid, Cannon Fodder, Fire & Ice, Batman: The Movie; to all games i would love to pay a few euros to play again without having to brave the surprisingly complicated world of Amiga emulation.
Chris Hard

Scene thieves
Zelda: Skyward Sword on Switch is better for me than on Wii. I use the Switch Pro controller and controls, although they aren’t as smooth and precise as, say, Super Mario Odyssey, they are an improvement over using the Wii MotionPlus. I still murdered far too many bugs and butterflies, however, while trying to catch them in the bug net, to accidentally press the right joystick.

Replay it even though one thing comes to my mind, and I don’t think it gets mentioned often and that’s the humor and thought that Nintendo puts into a few select characters. Most of the characters just trot a mundane text, but some just make me laugh. Tingle is a great example and Skyloft’s fortune teller is too: “Are you hungry to know what those adorable big eyes will see?” Well worth 10 rupees to see the lights go out, her little hands dancing and hearing her funny noises.
Chevrolet Malibu (PSN ID)

Business decision
It seems that many publishers are surprised at the quality of their games, especially games that fans have been asking for for years. What kind of research are they doing to make a Pokémon Snap sequel or Mass Effect remaster considered surprising when it’s a big hit? I’m sure EA in particular must have done a ton of it and yet they’ve always been caught off guard? But I never understood why they let Mass Effect: Andromeda be such a low budget deal from BioWare B team.

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