Kapital Koopas: PS5 and Xbox Series on the continent, Taiko Blind Box, new Amiibos

Press F to pay homage to all the fallen goombas. It’s time to dive into China’s gaming culture in our column, Kapital Koopas.

Continental version PS5 and Xbox Series X / S available in a month

Sony Entertainment and Microsoft are preparing to expand their territory by launching their latest consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, respectively – in mainland China.

According to the Playstation press conference we talked about earlier, the mainland version of the PS5 will be available in official stores and Chinese e-commerce platforms from May 15 with a price of RMB 3099 for the digital edition. and RMB 3899 for the standard edition. . Not to be outdone, the day before Playstation sales go live, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X and S will be available for pre-order from May 19 and will officially hit shelves on June 10. The price of the Xbox Series S will be 2399 RMB while the Xbox Series X will cost 3899 RMB.

While these consoles are no stranger to Chinese gamers given that foreign versions are available online, we wonder if the mainland versions will ban access to games that have not obtained release approval here in China.

Taiko no Tatsujin dons Chinese costumes for limited-edition toys

Not everyone who frequents the arcade is looking to shoot zombies, race cars, or engage in hand-to-hand combat. Taiko no Tatsujin is a music game in the vein of Rock band or Dance Dance Revolution, in which the players beat taiko drums to famous songs, showing their rhythmic chops for all participants. In addition, the natural size taiko makes it more fun to play in the arcade than at home. The franchise has been around for two decades with many titles and series to its name, however, the game’s official mascots – the adorable taiko twins, Don-chan and Ka-chan – have delighted audiences from the start and are loved by fans.

Now Bandai Namco – the company behind Taiko no Tatsujin – partnered with ACTOYS household toy and figure studio to create a special edition blind box. In this series, Don-chan and Ka-chan are true explorers of Chinese culture, disguised as everything from stone lions balancing in front of traditional mansions and bronzeware found in Sanxingdui, to terracotta warriors and actresses from Peking opera. With over eight variations – including a few surprise costumes – each box costs 69 RMB, or you can opt for the full set at 552 RMB (although that doesn’t include secrets). The pre-order has already started and you can find more details here.

New amiibo available on Taobao, Mario Party released on Tencent Switch

Before you spend all your money on the Taiko Blind Box, there’s also a brand new collection of Nintendo amiibo that landed on TMall earlier this month, including a Glow-in-the-Dark Boo. Also, compared to some of the overseas prices, a good RMB 89 is a good deal. While amiibos are one of the best home decorations a player can ask for, they can also be used to acquire additional goodies in many Nintendo titles, regardless of where you purchased the console. .

Besides amiibos, Nintendo’s ultimate board game, Mario party, was recently released on Tencent Switch. Its 80 mini-games and different modes are perfect for just about any occasion, from family reunions and sleepovers with friends, to icebreakers for a group reunion to game nights at the pub. Nintendo recently added an online game mode to Mario party, allowing players to enjoy a little friendly competition even if they are alone or have to stay indoors. Unfortunately, however, this update is currently not available for Tencent Switch, although Tencent promises that it will be available soon.

Timi teams up with Xbox Game Studio

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Xbox and in addition to launching a new generation of console, Xbox Game Studio has also announced that it will collaborate with Timi Studio Group, one of the largest game studios under the umbrella of Tencent. , and the visionary creators behind the wildly successful MOBA game Honor of kings. More details on the various projects resulting from the partnership will be revealed later this year.

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Images courtesy of Matching Game Development, Publishing Companies, ACTOYS, Tenki

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