May 2022 Xbox Game Pass games are already working across the lineup

Xbox Game Pass subscribers get new access to multiple games each month, with some games released months in advance. This is the case for games like star field, which will launch on Game Pass in November. Often, however, they’re only announced a week or two in advance, generating a lot of interest whenever the new lineup of Game Pass games starts to empty out.

But, again, it’s never completely empty. While more games for Xbox Game Pass are expected to be announced soon, there are already six games confirmed for May 2022 on PC and console. Everyone loves when it comes to big, genre-defining games from massive publishers, but a service like Xbox Game Pass has a secret weapon: variety. Anyone, regardless of taste, can access Xbox Game Pass and find something they like. The six games confirmed for May prove it, as none are quite like the other.


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Xbox Game Pass has 6 games confirmed for May 2022

Here are the new games at first sight, their date and their platform. All so far are also confirmed for PC Game Pass, minus one.

  • Citizen Sleeper – May 5 (console)
  • Trek to Yomi – May 5 (console, PC)
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising – May 10 (Console, PC)
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker – May 24 (PC)
  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26 (Console, PC)
  • Pac-Man Museum+ – May 27 (Console, PC)

May 2022 Xbox Game Pass Games – Citizen Sleeper

sleeper citizen

Each of these games offers something unique. sleeper citizen, for example, is described as a narrative RPG inspired by the choices available in TTRPGs, set in a cyberpunk sci-fi world. Players take on the role of a sleeper, a human spirit in an artificial body, and must avoid/escape capitalist overlords who want them back. The game is heavy on storytelling and choice, with dice rolls, clocks that track the world and player impact, and readers, not quests. These motivations are personal to the player and can impact their skills, while adopting nothing less than pure role-playing for their primary direction of play.

Xbox Game Pass games for May 2022 – Trek to Yomi

Yomi Sword Fight Trek

Hike to Yomi joined the same day as sleeper citizen. While decision-making and role-playing are fundamental foundations of Citizen Sleeper, Hike to Yomi is more about presentation and combat. The main character, a samurai named Hiroki, makes a vow to his dying master to protect his home. It seeks to recreate the spirit of classic samurai movies, portraying its approach as cinematic presentation, and it’s complete with a streamlined combat system to emphasize a samurai’s power and style. This does not mean Hike to Yomi won’t have a good story, but the lens through which players interact with it and sleeper citizen are completely different.

May 2022 Xbox Game Pass Games – Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

rising eiyuden chronicle

This is an action-based JRPG focused on rebuilding a city after an earthquake. Players must resolve conflicts, search for treasures and make connections. There are several playable characters in Chronicle of Eiyuden: Rising, and it manages to capture a classic JRPG vibe through its gameplay. It really can’t be put side-by-side with Trek to Yomi or Citizen Sleeper, and that’s a good thing for subscribers.

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May 2022 Game Pass PC Games – Hardspace: Shipbreaker

hard space game

Hardspace: Shipbreaker blends a lot of genres together, but its physics simulation is what sets it apart here. Players are a spaceship scavenger who must use physics to cut and destroy ships, whether in its campaign, free-play mode, or timed challenges. There are plenty of ships to collect, and by upgrading players can take on even bigger ships.

May 2022 Xbox Game Pass Games – Sniper Elite 5


Shooting games are one of the most popular genres, and third person sniper tactical game Elite Sniper 5 ticks that box for Xbox Game Pass in May. In it, protagonist and sniper Karl Fairburne must put an end to the German Kraken project during World War II. The campaign spans multiple maps, with a variety of killlist targets, infiltration and extraction points, and more, and players can do it solo or in co-op. But they must survive and eliminate their targets no matter what. With improved shooting and traversal mechanics, an invasion mode where another sniper hunts the player, a survival mode and a 16-player online multiplayer mode, Sniper is always the right move at the right time.

May 2022 Xbox Game Pass Games – Pac-Man Museum+


The wide variety of storytelling, shooters, action-adventure games and more here is excellent; it is also very modern. Still, classics are classics for a reason, and Pac-Man+ Museum brings a long list of classics Pac man serving games. Pac-Man doesn’t really need an introduction, and these 14 games show why this character and game is a classic. From one perspective, that technically means there are 19 confirmed matches for May 2022, not six.

  • Pac man
  • super pacman
  • Pac & Pal
  • Pac Land
  • Pac Mania
  • Pac Attack
  • Pac-Man arrangement
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition
  • Pacman Battle Royale
  • Pac-Man arrangement
  • Pac-Motos
  • Pac’n Roll Remix
  • Pacman 256

Xbox Game Pass will confirm more games for May 2022


Without a doubt, it is a varied selection for May. These six games alone show the potential of Xbox Game Pass when it comes to attracting subscribers. Perhaps the best part of it all, though, is that these are the six games fans know about now. At the beginning of May, in the middle of it, and probably a few surprises in between, Xbox Game Pass May 2022 games will clearly have a lot to offer, for just about everyone.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive a handful of games each month.

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