Microsoft acquired Clipchamp and could fix awful Windows and Xbox video editing tools

Source: Clipchamp / Microsoft

Windows 10 and Xbox both have the worst video editing tools on Earth. Maybe even in the history of the universe. There are primitive alien species on a previously unknown planet – aliens who have yet to master the art of fireworks – yet have better video editing tools than Windows. Alas, that could be about to change, thanks to Clipchamp.

Clipchamp is a web-based video editing suite used by businesses large and small to quickly and easily create professional-looking clips. It offers a free trial, but typically costs $ 9 per month for 720p videos. It’s a bit pricey, but there’s every reason to believe Microsoft will likely integrate it into Microsoft 365 or Xbox Game Pass, given how desperate Windows and Xbox are for vaguely decent video editing capabilities.

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Indeed, in the comments of the announcement blog, Chris Pratley of the Office group at Microsoft has strongly hinted that Clipchamp will be moving to the Microsoft 365 subscription service.

As a web application that uses the full power of your PC, Clipchamp is a natural fit for expanding cloud-based productivity experiences in Microsoft 365 for individuals, families, schools and businesses. It is also an ideal solution for Microsoft Windows, which is a platform for unlimited creativity. Whether you’re editing game clips, doing a school project, putting together a keepsake from your kids, or putting together the next indie short, Clipchamp and Microsoft will help you express yourself through the emotional power of video. If you are already a Clipchamp user, everything will improve with more options, more power, and the easy creation experience you love.

Xbox had a semi-decent video editing tool called Upload Studio, which was shut down after years of neglect. Windows itself has long struggled to find a decent competitor to what Apple’s macOS has to offer, with many Mac users citing proprietary tools like Final Cut as the main reason they avoid Windows.

Microsoft is updating the Photos app for Windows 11, but its current video editing capabilities are truly appalling. I’m getting better video editing tools on my Samsung phone right now which is both hilarious and sad. Fortunately, this new partnership with Clipchamp could finally fix one of Windows’ biggest weaknesses in the age of social media, where young people are growing up with creative video tools like Snapchat and Tiktok as an integral part of socializing and socializing. expression.

For Windows, being so far behind the curve has been frustrating, but the acquisition of Clipchamp could prove to be a big boost to Microsoft’s efforts in this space.

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