Microsoft’s Xbox wireless headset is finally back in the UK

The Xbox Wireless Headset is one of the best Xbox headsets, and it also works great on PC – via Bluetooth or Microsoft. Xbox Wireless Adapter, which you might already need to use wirelessly with an Xbox controller on your computer. It’s been out of stock in the UK for ages, but it recently appeared at Currys – and it’s even available at a greatly discounted price.

In short, if you use code GAMINGFND3 at checkout you can pick up this critically acclaimed helmet for £ 85 instead of the usual £ 90. Not bad!

I actually had the chance to review the Xbox Wireless Headset again. at Eurogamer, where I dubbed it the best Xbox headset going. I really liked the light, comfortable fit and the easy-to-use controls, which let you rotate each earbud to adjust the volume as well as control the balance between voice chat and game audio.

Exceptionally, this headset can also be used with Xbox and Bluetooth wireless source simultaneously, so you can chat on Discord while playing Xbox – or listen to music on your phone or talk to your mom while playing PC games. . It’s a pretty cool little headphone, and while it doesn’t win any awards for its critical listening potential, it still sounds great too, with rich bass sound that blends in well with electronic music or music. bombastic first-person games.

So if you have an Xbox, or if you just have an Xbox controller to use wirelessly with your PC – and that can be the newer Series X / S models or the earlier Xbox One variety – this will be a good pickup. The discount is low, but this helmet has been a nightmare to find for months, so I thought even a slightly lower price was worth mentioning!

Anyway, I hope this article on offers has been helpful. I know not everyone appreciates the offers, but it helps the RPS tick off which is important. Either way, I’m coming back tomorrow with more deals, so be careful there and I’ll catch up with you on the next one.

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