Miles Morales clip makes Miles react strangely to crime

A clip from Spider-Man Miles Morales shows the young web-slinger reacting inappropriately to a crime in progress while swinging through New York.

A recent post Spider-Man: Miles Morales clip has Miles giving an oddly enthusiastic reaction to a crime in progress. The 2020 sequel to Marvel’s Spiderman saw Miles Morales step into the spotlight as a rookie superhero after gaining his own spider-based powers at the end of the main game, allowing players to use young Spider-Man’s unique Venom abilities by more of the polished gameplay that made Insomniac’s 2018 superhero sandbox title a smash hit on the PlayStation 4.

Just like with Marvel’s Spidermanplayers found many interesting details and easter eggs inside Spider-Man: Miles Morales, hidden references to other Marvel heroes like the X-Men to a wide variety of unlockable alternate costumes to ensure Miles looks his best while ridding the open-world city of New York of criminals and superheroes. -villains. By exploring Spider-Man: Miles Morales In a sandbox environment, Miles can interact with NPCs that cross his path, collect various keepsakes he has scattered around town, and receive messages from his good friend Ganke Lee warning him of random street crimes that civilians can report from an app the tech-savvy teen created to help his web-browsing buddy.


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It was here that Reddit user Mariosonicpac noticed a rather unorthodox reaction from Miles during a series of Spider-Man: Miles Moralesthe one they documented in a video post on r/SpidermanPS4 (Going through Rant Game). Miles is busy performing impressive tricks in the air using Spider-Man: Miles Morales aerial stunt system when he receives a call from Ganke alerting him to a hostage situation happening near his current location. Instead of the usual expression of concern or heroic determination, Miles responds with an enthusiastic “costs– which is not exactly the type of reaction one generally finds appropriate when dealing with people held at gunpoint. comments to repeat J Jonah Jameson’s claims that Spider-Man is a threat to society, given that he seems to relish the idea of ​​innocent lives being put in mortal danger.

Miles might not be so happy about his next adventure, as insiders have claimed that the next Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have a much darker plot than either of its two predecessors. Details for this new installment in Insomniac’s critically acclaimed superhero series are still in the works, with some fans pointing out Spider-Man: Miles Morales for the signs that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will also feature a larger game world. However, while Miles will be present and accounted for helping Peter Parker stop classic villains like Venom and Kraven The Hunter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2he may have to wait a bit longer for his next solo release given Insomniac’s commitment to both Spiderman 2 and the connected Marvel’s Wolverines.

Miles’ odd exclamation of “cool” was likely in response to the awesome high-flying trick he’d just completed rather than bad news from Ganke, but it’s certainly odd to see the normally compassionate hero of Spider-Man: Miles Morales act so cavalierly about innocent people being put in harm’s way. Luckily, the person trapped in the hostage situation will likely be rescued by the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – even if he doesn’t take this unsettling ordeal as seriously as he should.

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Source: Mariosonicpac/Reddit (via Game Rant)

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