MQM-P does not want missing Muhajirs to be recovered, says Mustafa Kamal

The Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), which the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement (MQM-P) satirically called a “dry-cleaning machine”, was able to recover 525 missing young Muhajir, but the MQM-P itself even could only hand over the corpses of missing young people to their families.

PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal made the remark in a statement released on Saturday.

He said MQM-P leaders did not want missing young Mohajir to be found alive because their policy was based on the corpses of innocent Mohajirs.

“Even if my worst enemy brings back our fallen alive, I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life,” Kamal said.

He claimed that among the 525 missing persons from Karachi who were recovered by the PSP, the first was a man, Nadeem, who was later killed for spreading PSP ideology. Kamal added that an audio of the MQM founder praising his murder was found by law enforcement from the killers’ mobile phones, which was also released on electronic media.

The PSP leader said Karachi remained and will remain irrelevant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan as there are 150 seats in the Punjab National Assembly, in which only the GT Road belt has 96 seats, while Karachi does not had only 21 seats.

The prime minister was only focusing on Punjab, Kamal said, adding that the prime minister only came to Karachi for a few hours in four years, while he visited Lahore every Thursday and stayed there for several days.

The PSP leader said only the people of Karachi can solve the city’s problems because they live and die there. He asked the people to elect the PSP in the next elections because the party would keep its promises.

The President of the PSP said that the MQM-P had had dozens of ministers and senators, but every time they went in public they boasted of the achievements that had been made by the leaders of the PSP.

He asked the party workers to go door to door and ask the people to elect the PSP in the next local elections.

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